Which is better for Roman rods and tracks? After reading these choices do not tangle!

When you want to install curtains in your home, you must first install curtain accessories - curtain rods. The main role of the curtain rod is to hang the curtains. The curtain rods are mainly divided into bright rods and dark rods. The bright rod is the curtain rod that can be seen, and the dark rod is the hidden rod. At present, the mainstream curtain rods in the market mainly include Roman rods and track rods. When many people choose curtain rods, they will confuse Roman rods and rails. Which is better ? Let's take a look at Roman bar and track, which is good !

Roman rod

The Roman bar is civilized because of its design resemblance to Roman architecture. It is generally a cylindrical cross-bar with a shaft diameter of about four centimeters. The ends of the crossbar have a gourd-shaped decorative shape. Its material mainly includes wood material and metal material. The Roman material of metal material is often hollow, light and easy to carry. Because Roman rods are longer, merchants often cut them off, and mediations are designed to provide specialized butt joints that are easy to transport!


1, beautiful appearance, Roman bar is generally a bright bar, the appearance of elegant atmosphere, but also has a decorative effect, but if you choose Roman bar, then select the curtain when you want to decorate with the style of Roman bar!

2, easy installation, removable. The installation of the Roman bar is very simple, as long as the location is planned on the wall in advance, holes are punched at the horizontal ends, and then the Roman bar can be fixed;

3, easy to clean. The Roman bar itself is a cross bar, only need to wipe with a cloth when cleaning.


1, bearing the limitations. The Roman bar is a cross bar. When installing a curtain, the weight of all the curtains is to be hung on the Roman bar. This province is a load. If the curtain is a heavier material like a velvet, the shaft may be bent!

2, the length is limited. The length of the Roman rod is generally based on the consumer's own situation, the length of the custom, according to the meter price, but the length of the Roman rod does not exceed 3.5 meters.

3, pull astringent. The Roman rod is mainly connected to the curtain by a hanging ring, and the friction between the hanging ring and the rod body is relatively large, and the curtains are easily pulled and agitated.

4, the higher the price, according to meters Rome meter, generally determined according to the shaft material price per meter, wood material will be a little expensive, probably at 20 yuan / meter - 100 yuan / meter.

Slide rail

Slides, mainly divided into the clear track and the dark track. The dark rail belongs to a kind of dark rod and is usually hidden inside a curtain box. It is the main form of the slide rail rod. The main materials are wooden material, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, plastic steel and so on. The Ming track is the collective name for Roman and decorative rails. The main materials are aluminum alloy, solid wood, and steel pipes.


1, cheaper prices. Compared to Rome, the price of the slide rail is much cheaper. The price of the Roman rod is generally between 20-100 yuan/meter, and the price of the slide rail is also calculated according to the meter, generally 6-50 yuan/meter, according to the consumers. Economic ability to choose!

2, the shape is changeable. Good quality slide rails have a certain degree of flexibility and can be adapted to some special-shaped windows. For example, the window type and the corner window can be bent to install the slide rails.

3, curtains smooth and comfortable. The biggest advantage of the slide rail is that the track is smooth, pulling the curtains smoothly.


1, dismantling inconvenience, cleaning trouble. If you want to clean the slide rails thoroughly, you need to clean the pulleys one by one. The same is true for cleaning the curtains. You need to remove the curtains one by one from the slides before you can clean them!

2, affect the appearance. The track bars directly expose the curtain rails to the outside, which not only makes it easy to accumulate dust, but also affects the aesthetics of the interior decoration!

About Rome bar and the track which is good relevant content, small series to introduce here, we want to help! We can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the Roman bar and the track bar, combined with the actual situation of their own windows, choose the curtain rod for their own! For more information, please follow this site!

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