What is the pu paint paint pu paint advantages and disadvantages

Now there are many brands of paint on the market. I believe we all know this, so before we make a purchase, we need to do some basic understanding of paint, which is helpful for buying. Pu lacquer is now widely used in the market. The reason why many families choose pu lacquer now is that it is far more abrasion resistant than many paints. Next, we will specifically explain what the pu lacquer is , and the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the pu lacquer.

What is Pu paint?

What is pu lacquer? I think a lot of people are still not quite sure about it. So, let's briefly introduce the related problems of pu lacquer. Today pu lacquer is the most high-grade paint in decorative wood. Generally used in high-end furniture due to high cost, the current use of wood doors rarely used, then the paint is classified as: ordinary paint, lacquer, lacquer, polyester paint, including PU paint. The pu paint's environmental protection, adhesion, sealing, flexibility and film transparency are far better than other types of paint.

The advantages of pu paint:

Then take pu lacquer and other ordinary paint, generally the tear elongation of the paint is very good, because it also contains hydrogen bonds in the raw material, so in the process of use can effectively protect the smeared items, and the floor , walls and so on. In the use of the use is also more, can be used for piano, advanced crafts and aircraft outer protective film and other places. Pu paint is also strong in terms of adhesion, and it has strong adhesion to many materials such as metal, wood, rubber, and cement. This makes pu lacquer more widely used, and it has a strong corrosion resistance, and it is also suitable for acid-base chemical containers.

Disadvantages of pu paint:

1, due to pu paint in the production process must add some chemicals, then on the use of time, can play a wide range of uses and obvious role, but the only bad pu lacquer is not very good in environmental protection . If it is used indoors, some harmful substances will be emitted during use, which is very unfavorable to human health. Now Europe, America and many other countries have already banned the sale of this type of product, and the use of furniture coated with this paint will also be banned from exporting and importing.

2. There is also a point that we may not have too much attention, that is, this type of pu paint is very sensitive to the type of water or liquid. Therefore, if this type of paint is used, its surface will begin to yellow after a certain period of time. If you buy a pu paint that does not easily yellow, it will be more expensive in terms of price. Due to the lack of environmental protection, the developed countries in Europe have basically been eliminated. There are restrictions on the export of products manufactured using pu lacquer.

The above information about what pu lacquer is and the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of pu lacquer is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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