What is the modern decoration style? Modern decoration and other styles

For the friends who decorate the first time, it is very troublesome to choose what kind of decoration style. If you decorate at will, the overall space of the home will be messy. Which one is suitable for you in the various styles of decoration? What is the difference between modern decoration style and other styles? Today's home network Xiaobian will bring everyone to compare and find the decoration style that you like and conform to the family reality. I hope to make some reference for everyone's decoration choice.


Modern decoration PK classical decoration

Modern decoration and simple style: practical and flexible

Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The modern minimalist style of decoration pursues the practicality and flexibility of the space. Space organization is no longer based on room combination, and the division of space is no longer limited to hard walls, but rather to the logical relationship of functional space. The modern decoration style expresses the division of different functional spaces through the changes of furniture, ceilings, floor materials, exhibits and even light, and the modern decoration style is flexible, compatible and fluid, which is very suitable for young people after 80s. It is most suitable for modern decoration of small buildings.

Classical style: simple and elegant nostalgic

Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The classical decoration style uses a lot of traditional and traditional wood craftsmanship. The workmanship is exquisite, delicate, and the color is steady. The materials are mostly simple, so the unique simplicity, nobleness and elegance are particularly prominent and dominant. Applicable objects: There are “nostalgic”ists; those with simple behaviors; those who prefer wooden and exquisite craftsmanship.

Chinese PK Japanese

Chinese style: traditional atmospheric Chinese style

Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The Chinese style combines the duality of solemnity and elegance. Focus on the space, use the window and screen to divide. In addition, the doors and windows are very important for determining the Chinese style. Most of the Chinese-style doors and windows are generally made of squares or other Chinese traditional patterns, and carved into various styles with solid wood. Smallpox intersects in a square shape with wooden strips. Furnishing furnishings are symmetrical, emphasizing cultural implication, suitable for the elderly or those who like tradition. Common use and duplex or large apartment decoration.

Japanese style: natural and elegant

Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The formation of traditional Japanese style has a great relationship with ancient Chinese culture. The production of modern Japanese furniture is entirely the result of edification by European and American countries. The traditional Japanese-style home uses a large number of natural materials for the decoration and decoration of the living room. It does not respect luxury luxury and brilliance. It is based on the elegant and restrained Zen and the real function. The Japanese style is especially integrated with nature. By borrowing the natural scenery, it brings infinite vitality to the interior. The materials used also pay special attention to the natural texture, so that you can have a good relationship with nature.

American PK European

American style: advocating liberalism


Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The American-style living room is generally required to be simple and clean, while the decoration is brighter and brighter than other spaces, usually using a large number of stone and wood veneer decorations. The kitchen is generally open, with a light dining table in the corner of the kitchen, and a powerful, simple and durable kitchen appliance. The American-style bedrooms are warmly furnished, and the bedrooms generally do not have a ceiling light. They are decorated with a soft set of fabrics. Suitable for young people with unique personalities. American style can be used in small apartment and large apartment decoration.

European style: gorgeous and romantic

Practical supreme trick how to choose the right decoration style

The European style of modern decoration decoration is often quoted in villas or large-sized houses, and the European style can reflect the noble, luxurious and atmospheric feeling. The decoration materials are commonly used in marble, colorful fabrics and exquisite carpets. The overall style is luxurious and rich, full of strong dynamic effects. Suitable for owners who pursue European style romance and elegance and quality of life.

The above is the introduction of the modern decoration style and other styles brought by the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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