What is the dual-use toilet?

Toilet bowls and squatting pans are commonly used at home, and squat toilets are relatively rare. They are rarely found in households. They are used in public toilets, hospitals, nursing homes, convention centers and other places. easy to use? What kind of species are there? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

Is it easy to use a dual-use toilet?

The squat and dual-use toilet is similar to the traditional squat toilet or the sitting toilet, and belongs to the flush toilet. It is a combination of two kinds of toilets and is composed of three parts: a toilet bowl, a water tank bag and a toilet base base. It is more complex than a squatting pan, but it is simpler than a toilet. It also installs handrails on the top of the tank, and there is a gutter at the non-slip foot.

Squat and dual-use toilets can not only solve daily health problems, but also can adapt to any group of people, that is to say, its use is more diverse, people can choose to go to the toilet according to their own habits or needs, or Sitting in the bathroom is more practical.

Not only that, dual-use toilets have a special U-shaped structure. On this structure, they can be used with a disposable paper cushion. This is very helpful for the cleanliness of hygiene and it can avoid bacterial cross-infection. The spread of infectious diseases.

Second, what are the dual-use toilets?

1, General A type squat dual-use toilet

The type A squat and dual-use toilet is a basic universal model. It is mainly composed of an original squatting pan and a seat frame. It is relatively simple and belongs to the improved product of a squat toilet. It is also a squatting type dual-use toilet. At the beginning. It is mainly because toilets are not recognized in public toilets, but some people also need toilets. Therefore, this design has been invented to avoid the inconvenience caused by the prolonged use of toilets.

2, Building B type squat dual-use toilet

The Type B squat and dual-use toilet has a fixed installation method. The bracket is extended to a level below the level of the fixed installation, the overall performance is more beautiful, it is also installed together with the squat toilet, belonging to the combination of toilet. Its frame height can be flexibly adjusted to suit people of different heights and is durable.

3, special type C squat dual-use toilet

The C-type squat and dual-use toilet is rather special. Although the upper structure is the same as the other two types, the bracket is shorter and shorter, and it is more convenient to install and fix. It is suitable for toilets with a very limited area and is special. The desired product.

Editor's Note: The above is about the introduction of dual- use toilets and dual- use toilets. It is hoped that the contents shared by Xiao Bian can help everyone to use dual-use toilets whether they are in use or not. It's still good in appearance. I hope the contents of Xiaobian can help everyone. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to this site.

Squat dual purpose toilet

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