What are the decoration styles of the jewelry store? Jewelry shop decoration style summary

The decoration of the jewelry store is a question worthy of careful taste. The different psychological styles of the jewelry store will bring different psychological hints. Good decoration can stimulate the purchase desire of customers and promote the sales of jewelry. So what are the decoration styles of the jewelry store? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you a collection of jewelry store decoration style , I hope to provide help for everyone.


What are the decoration styles of the jewelry store?

1. New Chinese style. The new Chinese style jewelry store brings up nostalgic thoughts. This style is relatively free. There are not many products in this type of store, but it can play a finishing touch in space.

2, Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean-style jewelry store enjoys the refreshing blue sky and blue sky. The Mediterranean style has a unique aesthetic, exuding the ancient noble atmosphere and cultural taste.

3, Southeast Asian style. The Southeast Asian style jewelry store interprets the natural fascination. In the decoration of the Southeast Asian style jewelry store, the materials used in the interior are taken directly from nature.

4, modern minimalist style. The modern style jewelry store is more in line with the modern aesthetics, simple but not simple, stylish, and the decoration cost is not higher than other decoration styles, the effect of the decoration is very good.

5, rural style. The idyllic jewelry store focuses on the performance of nature, but different gardens have different natures, and then a variety of furniture styles, Chinese, European, and even the pastoral style of South Asia.

6, American country style. The American country style jewelry store has a faint and romantic romance. This style of jewelry store combines classicistic style with neoclassical features, which are both simple and warm, yet warm and comfortable.

7, classical style. In the classical or neo-classical (luxury and wealthy) jewelry store, in the era when the jewelry store was just emerging, the jewelry store decoration mostly pursued a more luxurious and affluent style.


What are the common types of jewelry stores?

The first type: the jewelry shop based on crystal jewelry, mainly the small furnishings of various shapes, its characteristics are always popular but timeless;

The second type: a jewelry store based on cloth toys, which is mainly favored by girls, it is currently a popular jewelry store;

The third type is the Chinese-style jewelry store. It is characterized by the combination of classical connotation and modern functions. Most of the colors are black, white and gray.

The above is what the decoration style of the jewelry store brought to you by Xiaobian? All the contents of the decoration style of the jewelry store, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the decoration style of the jewelry store, if you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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