Using pesticides to control diseases

Using biological pesticides to control diseases, the specific practices are as follows:

1, pyrimethanil + Difenoconazole yl or mixed phenol ether, of gray mold and powdery mildew, scab, etc. are control effect;

2, downy mildew hydrochloride + difenoconazole mixed, or dimethomorph + nitrile azole, have the same effect on downy mildew, white powder and black star disease;

3, enoylmorpholine + organic copper preparation, or dimethomorph + agricultural streptomycin (neucollin, Chunremycin can be), effective against downy mildew, keratin and other bacterial spot disease;

4. When the disease has occurred, select one of the above formulas for sterilization according to the main disease type, spray the ether fungus esters every 3-5 days, and then spray another one of the above formulas every 5-7 days. This is used interchangeably. When no disease occurs, spray the medicine every 7-10 days; when the disease occurs, the spraying time is shorter, and the prevention and treatment are alternately matched. Pesticide price

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