Tool consumption and purchase into mold companies focus on topics

In recent years, with the development of the mold manufacturing industry, the requirements of the mold component materials themselves have increased, and superhard tool materials such as CBN (cubic boron nitride), PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools and new cemented carbide tools have been widely used. The consumption and purchase of tools has become a topic of common concern for mold manufacturers and tool manufacturers. Application of integrated tools According to research, among the tool materials selected by domestic mold users, the most used carbide tools are 64.1%. With the development of superhard tools, hard turning is becoming popular as an economical alternative to grinding. The use rate of super-hard tools has been significantly improved. For example, the machining of cylinder bores has adopted cubic boron nitride inserts in the semi-finishing and finishing processes. The cutting speed has reached a new height and the tool life has been greatly extended. The indexable tool has been promoted in China for many years and is progressing smoothly, but the development is still unbalanced, and the user coverage is still lower than the overall tool and welding tool. However, the technology of indexable cutting tools in China has made new progress in the process of promotion, and the application potential of rapid increase in variety is great. The machining of modern mold manufacturing and the tool technology used in it have developed rapidly. High-tech is widely used. In the aspects of machining technology, cutting method, tool structure, tool material, tool coating, etc. The difference. New tool structures and inserts with new cutting edges and geometries have been continuously researched and developed to accommodate tool holders for CNC machine tools and high-speed machining and their connection to machine tools such as HSK tool holders, hot-sleeve holders, hydraulics Tool holders and other new tool holders are widely used. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce tool change time, various composite tools, such as drill collar compound, drill hinge compound, drilling and thread processing compound, are used more and more in the processing of mold parts. The unfolding tool meets many special machining requirements, and some tools have even evolved into a machine, electric and hydraulic integrated device, which has far surpassed the traditional tool concept. Tool consumption characteristics of the mold industry In order to achieve lean production of molds, mold companies scientifically organize the procurement and inventory management of tools, and need to study and explore how to reduce the inventory capital of the tools and optimize the minimum inventory setting of the tools while ensuring the normal operation of the production line. , the procurement starting point of the tool, the reasonable procurement frequency of the tool and the purchase batch, establish an effective tool early warning mechanism, emergency mechanism and quick response mechanism, and have a scientific and effective method to track and monitor the tool inventory status and purchasing status. It is understood that 68.5% of the user's enterprise tool costs account for less than 3% of the total cost, and the manufacturing cost of manufacturing tools in developed countries accounts for about 4% of the production cost, which is also a low level of manufacturing in China. A factor. China's mold industry is related to the phenomenon of decentralization, low-scale and low-level. China's mold manufacturers are a few large-scale companies, and the rest are mostly small and medium-sized. These conditions determine the characteristics of the tool industry users to use the tool: the purchase volume is increased, the number of purchases is frequent, that is, the purchase is at most two months. This aspect reflects that the consumer market is relatively mature, and the tool users in the mold industry are more inclined to make budgets. For flexibility, rather than retaining too much inventory. At the same time, due to the flexibility of user procurement, the market offers opportunities for entry to those tool suppliers that have not yet entered. Due to on-demand procurement, the competitiveness of the replacement of used brands is also increasing. Factors affecting the purchasing power of the tool users pay more attention to efficiency improvement, input-output ratio optimization, rather than focusing on pure price factors. The connotation of "service" has been developed from pure pre-sales and after-sales service to the solution of cutting solutions. The performance and quality of the tool directly affects whether the required qualified product can be smoothly processed. Whether the tool can meet the requirements of high-speed cutting, how the tool life and the frequency of the tool change directly affect the starting rate of the production line, affecting the processing cycle and production efficiency. The ability to provide adjusted or repaired tools to the production line on time and with guaranteed quality will directly affect whether production can continue normally. Therefore, the tool users in the mold industry mainly consider the use of tools: cutting efficiency is the most important, followed by service life, the service factor is more important, and the tool manufacturers have also introduced various measures to complete the production together with the knife-making enterprises.

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