Tips: Choose different work clothes for different work environments

Workwear is tailor-made for work, professional work clothes can protect the skin from harm, but also waterproof, radiation protection, so work in different environments, work clothes should also be customized with different properties, professional work clothes can always care for you Health.

When you work in a high temperature environment, exposure to heat radiation is large. Therefore, uniforms that are worn when working under high temperature conditions should use white or light colors as much as possible, and the fabric should be thick and soft. In addition, work sweats at high temperatures, and some people like upper body and shirtlessness, which causes thermal radiation to burn the skin, make the skin hot and dry, and reduce heat dissipation. It is also easy to hurt the body. Therefore, working under high temperature should not only wear clothes, but also should wrap themselves tightly.

Workers who control machinery often travel between large machines. They need to avoid the clothes being twisted by the machine and they need to be resistant to friction. Therefore, overalls are required to be tight, the hem, cuffs, trouser legs can be buckled up, and the fabric requirements more solid, wear-resistant, with a darker color appropriate.

Workers engaged in chemical production should wear thick tight-fitting overalls and protective accessories such as rubber aprons, rubber long-barrel gloves, and rubber long-sleeve overshoes when they work in workshops that contain corrosive substances and work at work. If necessary, rubber work clothes that can be isolated from the outside world should be worn with a helmet.

Agricultural workers can use general light-colored rough cloths or khakis overalls for general outdoor work. Forest workers wear three tight overalls, tightening their collars, cuffs, and ankles to prevent pests from invading.

The perpetrators and food workers should wear white work clothes with belt buckles on their backs, and require the work clothes to be over knees, cuffs can be fastened, and hats and masks should be worn to enhance cleanliness and prevent food from being contaminated.

In addition to wearing work clothes to choose according to the nature of work, but also should pay attention to special services, work clothes only in the workplace to wear, do not take home to prevent the spread of pathogens or the spread of poisons. Should also pay attention to keep clean and tidy, often cleaning, sewing, to ensure that the work clothes play a proper protective role.

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