Tiangu Hotel smart lock - Tiangu Hotel smart lock how to

Smart locks were first used in hotels, apartments, and other commercial industries. The popularity of hotel smart locks has solved many problems in hotel management, and has also improved the goodwill of hotel consumers. Here we use Tiangu TG8007A-SS smart lock as an example to introduce Tiangu Hotel smart lock.

Tiangu Hotel TG8007A-SS Smart Lock Features

Dual clock function

Using Seiko SEIKO/SII clock chip, accurate and reliable;

Door lock double backup

The door lock adopts the microcomputer chip of American ATMEL Company, which has a watchdog function to ensure 100% stability of the door lock function.

Anti-plug alarm function

When the door is not closed or someone deliberately sticks the combination tongue, the door lock will issue a continuous alarm sound to remind guests and service personnel to close the door or check the door lock;

Emergency opening function

When the hotel needs to open the door in an emergency, an emergency card or mechanical key can be used to open the door lock to resolve the emergency needs of the hotel.


Large capacity unlock record

992 unlock records can be stored in the lock, and the mechanical key also has an unlock record.

Lost logout function

You can cancel any lost card at any time to strengthen the hotel's security management.

Bluetooth function

"Multifunctional Bluetooth Collector" can be set at any time as a data card, a school card, a room setting card, a consumer card, and a lock information card. Using wireless Bluetooth technology, the proofreading time can be synchronized with the computer.

Low pressure alarm function

When the lock battery voltage is as low as 4.8V (±0.1), there will be an alarm when the management opens the door and the door can be opened 100 times.

Power saving function

The microcomputer mainboard in the door lock enters a dormant state when not reading the card, and wakes up when the proximity card is close to make the door lock more power-saving.

Self-test function

The door lock microcomputer motherboard has a fault self-test function.

Tiangu Hotel TG8007A-SS Smart Lock Advantage

European style design, traditional heritage, enduring; use American standard five-bolt structure lock core, hierarchical management, anti-mite, anti-dial, safe and reliable; can choose Mifare, EM or TEMIC proximity card to unlock; door lock front and back panel is One piece of steel casting made of fine pressed, no artificial riveted pieces, strong and durable; door lock surface using PVD nanotechnology for processing, durable than the general surface treatment 10 times; door lock handle triple reinforcement, put an end to man-made damage, after 300,000 The harsh test of the time; the door lock handle adopts the idling design and eliminates the violent destruction from the outside.

Hotel smart locks have been popular for a long time. Products and systems are relatively mature. There are many brands of hotel smart locks on the market. Tiangu Hotel smart locks are very good choice after years of research and development and market verification! If you want to know more For more information about hotel smart locks, leave a comment below the article!

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