The trend of high decorative architectural coatings

The paint industry is now developing at a high speed. Highly decorative building paints mainly include sand wall paints, multi-layer paints, nap coat paints, imitation curtain wall paints, imitation granite paints, colorful pattern interior wall paints, cloud paints, imitation silk paints, and fiber textures. Coatings and screen printing coatings.

Its application varies depending on its decorative effect, the physical and chemical properties of the coating, the application occasions, and the impact on the environment and health. In general, it has been applied for a long time and has been developed with the increase in demand, or because of the outdated decorative effect, harmful to health due to poor environmental protection, and being eliminated due to low grade of decoration. Imitation curtain wall paint and imitation granite paint are newly developed high decorative paints. The development of high decorative architectural coatings is reflected in the development of new products and the development of existing varieties. This article outlines the application and development of this class of coatings and their outlook for the future.

1. The main types and characteristics of high-decorative architectural paints are high decorative architectural paints compared to ordinary flat thin-coating paints. These paints usually have unique or decorative paint effects; most of them require Special construction methods and multiple constructions are required to obtain the desired coating. There are many varieties of highly decorative architectural paints currently used. Sand-wall paints, multi-layer paints, napped paints, imitation curtain wall paints, etc. are common types of such paints.

1.1 Sand wall coating 1.1.1 Paint or coating composition and performance characteristics include closed primer, sand wall coating and finish coating (covering agent).

The appearance of the coating film has the effect of coating film like a layer of sand particles. Because the coating resembles natural rock, it is also called real stone paint. It is made of base material and colored sand particles with the same or different particle size and color. The characteristics of the film are simple and rough, full texture, decorative personality and change, but poor pollution resistance. Coatings can be applied by spraying or batched.

1.1.2 Coated Example (1) Water-based Sealing Primer + Sand Wall Coating:

(2) water-based seal primer + sand wall paint + water-based finish;

(3) Solvent-based sealer + sand-wall coating + solvent-based finish.

1.2 Multilayer coatings 1.2.1 The composition and performance characteristics of coatings or coatings include sealer primers, primary coatings, overcoats, and/or finishes.

Multi-layer coating is also called embossed coating, bumpy coating and spray coating. The coating has a full and full of texture. It can be decorated by adjusting the size, shape and color of the coating spots, and through the matching of patterns. Style film. The main paint can only be sprayed. There are four kinds of polymer cements, silicates, synthetic resin emulsions, and reaction-curable synthetic resin emulsions, depending on the base material.

Synthetic resin emulsions have good cost performance and are the main varieties of applications.

1.2.2 Coat Matching Example (1) Sealing Primer + Main Coating (One color of coating film, spots are not flattened) + Overcoat Coating:

(2) Closed primer + main paint (film with 1 color and flattened spot) + top coat;

(3) Closed primer + primary paint (two or more coats of paint) + finish.

1.3 Lapping paint 1.3.1 The composition and performance characteristics of paint or coating include closed primer, nap main paint, and finishing agent.

The hair-pulling coating is firstly rolled into a flat coating with a certain thickness by an ordinary roller, and then the spun-like hair-like pattern roller is used to roll out unevenness, short-range disorder, and long-range order (that is, small-scale irregularity, large-scale regularity). ), a corrugated pointed frizz coat finish. The nap coating is similar to the multi-layer coating, but the burrs are pointed and the spots of the multi-layer coating are flat, and the size and shape of the naps are more varied than the spots of the multi-layer coating. The brushed coating combines a full and delicate style.

1.3.2 Coat Matching Example (1) Sealing Primer + Normal Lapping Master Coating (Frizz Tips):

(2) Sealing primer + elastic brushing main coating + finishing agent;

(3) Closed primer + elastic brushed main coating (slightly flattened hairs).

1.4 imitation curtain wall paint 1.4.1 coating or coating composition and performance characteristics, including multi-pass putty, crack reinforcement layer, polishing putty layer, slip putty layer, middle coating, topcoat and so on.

Imitation curtain wall paint, also known as synthetic resin imitation aluminum curtain wall decoration system, imitation metal lacquer, etc., is a coating film finish that is similar to the aluminum-plastic composite board decoration effect through a certain construction method. It is usually made on the plastering surface of the external wall, scraped, polished, polished with a matching putty, and then sprayed with a high-performance finish coating (such as a solvent-based fluororesin coating) to obtain a decorative coating similar to the aluminum decorative effect. The surface, the coating can be made of metallic luster, can also be made of non-metallic luster matt finishes, both with a special decorative effect and rich and luxurious.

1.4.2 Coated supporting examples (1) Anti-crack reinforcement layer + polishing putty and slippery putty layer + sealing primer + middle coating + high performance, high metallic luster finish;

(2) Anti-crack reinforcement layer + putty layer + sealer primer + midcoat + high-performance surface coating.

1.5 imitation granite paint 1.5.1 coating or coating composition and performance characteristics include closed primer, imitation granite coating and finishing agent.

The imitation granite paint is a new type of high decorative paint developed from the sand wall coating. It is made of base material, fine sand and granite material (similar to the "rock piece" in the real stone paint) through spraying and calendering. The resulting coating resembles granite, which can produce a high degree of decorative effect with a real degree of confusion.

1.5.2 coating matching example (1) seal primer + imitation granite paint;

(2) Closed primer + imitation granite paint + finishing agent (waterborne).

1.6 Colorful pattern interior wall paint 1.6.1 Coating or coating composition and performance characteristics (1) Primer, oil-in-water colorful pattern coating dispersion phase is the color of two or more high viscosity ** cellulose paint Particles with a particle size of 0.5 to 2.5 mm are dispersed in a high-viscosity aqueous methyl cellulose solution. The dispersed phase interface is stable and incompatible with each other. The coating that resembles a wallpaper is obtained by one spray. The coating pattern is endless and full of texture, and the decoration effect is excellent.

(2) Primer, water-in-water multi-color coating, and varnish disperse phase are polyvinyl acetate latex paints (or other types of latex paints) with two or more colors and are dispersed in small particles. In the aqueous solution of vinyl alcohol, the dispersed phase interface is stable and incompatible. Colorful coating can be obtained by one spray and the texture of the coating is full.

1.6.2 coating matching example (1) primer (white latex paint) + oil-in-water colorful pattern paint;

(2) Primer (latex paint) + water-in-water multicolor paint + finishing agent (water-based).

1.7 cloud coating (dream paint)

1.7.1 Paint or film composition and performance characteristics including primer, cloud coating Cloud paint pigments used mainly pearlescent pigments, some paints imported high-grade pearlescent pigments, can make the film in different angles or different light show changes Color, it is also called Symphony paint, fantasy paint, etc., by hand-painting and get a certain pattern of paint film, you can make the film produce a cloud or a variety of pre-designed patterns and other decorations.

1.7.2 Coat the sample primer (latex paint) + cloud coating.

1.8 imitated silk coating 1.8.1 coating or coating composition and performance characteristics including primer, silk coating pigments are also pearlescent pearl pigments, coating film features in the wall coating primer (latex) after the film is not Dry silk coating immediately after drying. As the primer was not dry, the spots of the sprayed silk paint were trapped in the wet film of the primer, and the glittering effect of the pearlescent pigment in the coating film made the film extremely like a silk cloth and produced a very good decorative effect.

1.8.2 Coater Example Primer (latex paint) + silk coating.

1.9 fiber texture coating This coating does not contain powder filler but only fiber, the base material can form a clear coating film, so the coating film can clearly show the fiber, has the effect of a blanket, so it is also called "fancy carpet coating", " Good wall painting, "Thinking wall color," etc., by trowel coating method construction. Due to the combination of different fibers, the coating film produces different textures and aesthetic feelings, rich patterns and unique three-dimensional sense, sound absorption, and breathability.

1.10 Screen Printing Coatings 1.10.1 Coatings or coating compositions and performance characteristics include primers, screen printing coatings.

Screen-printing coatings are similar to silk-like coatings, but instead of being applied by spraying, they are screen-printed, similar to printing films, because of the glittering effect produced by the pearlescent pigments in the paint, resulting in a high decorative effect. Although there is a certain decorative effect, but the pattern changes less rigid, not as good as the decorative effect of imitation silk coating.

1.10.2 Coated Example (1) Primer (latex paint) + screen printing paint;

(2) Primer (latex paint) + screen printing coating + overlay coating.

In addition to the high decorative paints outlined above, there are also imitation ceramic paints and metallic paints that have special decorative effects. However, due to the large amount of filler used in imitation ceramic coatings, the pigment volume concentration (PVC value) is as high as 80%, and the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film are poor. The metal texture coating is mainly used as a matching coating for imitation curtain wall coatings and multilayer coatings. Less used alone, these two coatings are not included in high decorative architectural coatings.

2. The application of high decorative architectural paints As mentioned above, the application of 10 high decorative architectural coatings due to their different decorative properties, coating physical and chemical properties, applicable occasions, and environmental and health impacts are very different. Big difference. The overall situation can be divided into the following four situations.

2.1 The long-term application and development of high decorative architectural paint sand wall paints, multi-layer paints, and nap paints are all cases. This is especially true for sand-wall and multi-layer coatings. These two coatings have been used in China for an earlier period of time. They have been used for nearly 40 years and have not been used for such a long period of time. They have continued to be applied and are popular. The common characteristics of these two kinds of coatings are a wide range of applications, which can be applied to indoor and outdoor walls; followed by a rough coating style, texture, and can make the coating effect be adjusted between the rough and delicate Such as the sand wall paint sand size adjustment and the combination of different colors, as well as whether the coating surface coating effect changes, etc.; multi-layer paint spots, texture and color adjustments and collocations and coating film surface is covered The resulting change in effect can produce a wide range of changes in the decorative effect of the coating. In general, a manufacturer with a certain scale may provide as many as 30 to 50 kinds of paint color cards, and may be divided into interior wall applications and exterior wall applications.

Lama's early use of cement-based materials to pull, in recent years to switch to synthetic resin emulsion paint, decorative effect is better, and then mainly elastic latex paint. In recent years, a large number of applications have been made on the outer wall. In particular, the hair-bearing paints with elasticity function have a greater application and are more widely used.

The wide range of use is an important reason for the long-term application and continuous development of such coatings. For example, sand wall paints are widely used in exterior walls, but proper application in high-grade interior wall surfaces can achieve decorative effects such as small area coating for TV backdrops, environmental protection applied to rockery, etc. Assembled and applied to European-style decorative components such as coating; For example, multi-layer coatings are widely used in the external walls, but also widely used in the interior walls of halls, corridors and theaters and other coating.

With the improvement of application requirements and the development of architectural coating technology, these coatings have been developed. For example, the improvement of high water resistance of the sand wall paint base material improves the defect that the paint film is eroded by water and turns white; the use of a silicon-acrylic emulsion as a high anti-staining cover agent solves the problem of poor stain resistance of the paint film and the problem of the paint film. The development of higher decorative effects, etc.: The use of metallic luster coatings to cover the multi-layer coating makes a breakthrough leap in the decorative effect of the coating; the lapping coating changes from the ordinary latex paint to the elastic latex paint, so that the coating can cover the base layer. The appearance of fine cracks and so on.

2.2 Out-of-date effects of coating decoration The loss of the application of imitating silk coating, fiber texture coating, screen printing coating and cloud coating all fall into this category. The decorative effects of these paints do have their own characteristics and are very popular in the market. However, the application time is not long, and the quantity is not much, and over time, people gradually lose their enthusiasm for use, and now almost disappeared. In addition to being understood in the literature, people are already unfamiliar with them. Analysis of the reasons, the decorative effect of these coatings, film physical and chemical properties are very prominent, no adverse effects on the environment and health, not to continue to use the reason can only be attributed to the outdated decorative effect.

2.3 The environmental protection is not good or the grade of decorative effect is low and eliminating the colorful pattern interior wall paint is typical of this kind of situation. When these types of coatings were first introduced to the market, they were used extensively and extensively throughout the country. The colorful pattern interior wall paint is divided into two kinds of water-in-oil and water-in-water. The former is not good because of environmental protection, and the latter is because of the low grade of decorative effect.

2.4 In recent years, the newly developed high decorative paint imitation curtain wall paint and imitation granite paint are newly developed high decorative paints in recent years. Aluminum panels and aluminum-plastic composite panels are rich and expensive, but they are expensive. The imitation curtain wall coating is a coating film finish that is coated with a coating similar to the aluminum-plastic composite board through a certain construction method. During the construction, firstly, separate joints are made on the plastering surface of the external wall, and the joint putty is used for multi-passage scraping, grinding and polishing, and then sprayed with a solvent-based fluororesin top coat. This type of paint is only suitable for exterior wall decoration. In addition to the need for a variety of supporting putty, advanced construction tools (such as high-pressure airless spraying machinery, hanging baskets and other supporting construction equipment), but also the need for superb construction technology and strict construction management, is the best manifestation of the progress of building painting technology . However, due to the appearance of external thermal insulation projects, their use has been significantly affected. According to the different surface coatings, there are three types of imitation aluminum panels and imitation curtain wall decorative coatings, namely fluororesin curtain walls, polyurethane curtain walls and silicone resin curtain walls.

Imitation granite paint is developed on the basis of sand wall paint. First of all, the coating changed the sand particle size in the sand wall coating to 120-160 mesh, nearly powdery sand; secondly, using a special demulsification technology, a color coating based on a highly elastic emulsion was used to break the emulsion. A colored "colour" similar to a granite texture, much like a "rock sheet" in a sand wall paint. In the construction, spraying is applied first, and then the surface of the coating film is flattened by a construction method such as imitation enamel coating to obtain an imitation granite coating film that can almost be distorted. This coating is suitable for the coating of interior and exterior walls. Although this kind of coating appears soon, the application amount is still not very big, but it is very popular because of the decorative effect of coating film.

3. The development of high decorative architectural coatings Architectural coatings have been in the process of continuous development and improvement, as have high decorative architectural coatings. The development and improvement of high decorative coatings are reflected in two aspects. First, the emergence of new products, such as imitation curtain wall coatings and imitation granite coatings; second, the development of the original high decorative coatings.

4. Application and Development Outlook In recent years, building energy conservation has become China's basic national policy, and puts forward new standards for the thermal insulation performance of building envelope structures. The coating base of architectural coatings is changed from a firm and firm cement-based material (cement mortar, mortar, etc.) to a thin layer of polymer cement-based material on the surface of thermal insulation material, and the type and performance of the finish coating are proposed. New requirements. This will inevitably significantly affect the use of architectural coatings, and the development of high decorative architectural coatings for exterior walls will also be affected.

(1) Mandatory standards (JG158-2004) for the outer wall insulation system of rubber powder polyphenylene granules widely used in hot summer and cold winter areas: the elongation at break of the main coating of continuous multilayer architectural coatings must not be less than 100%; the elongation at break of the coating for flat coating must not be less than 150%. In this way, both hair-bearing paints and multi-layer paints with elastic properties will be applied more, and new developments and improvements will be achieved in a large number of applications.

(2) The application of solvent-based curtain wall coatings will be significantly reduced, and their development will also be greatly limited. Because of its incompatibility with the expanded polystyrene board thin plaster external insulation system, which is widely used in severe cold and cold regions, the compatibility with the rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system is not good. Because there was no consideration of this issue in the project, there have been quality problems. Moreover, when this type of coating is applied to the decorative layer of polystyrene powder external wall external insulation system, the crack resistance index cannot meet the requirements.

Therefore, this type of coating has problems in the application of these two widely used external insulation systems. Combined with the complexity of construction technology, it becomes inevitable that its application is reduced.

(3) The application of imitation granite paint or its improved coating film in interior decoration will increase. Because for a long time, the vast majority of interior wall painting applications are thin synthetic resin emulsion interior wall coatings, and the decorative style is monotonous and lacks personality and characteristics. The main reason is that there is no new high decorative paint available. On the other hand, as people attach importance to environmental and health issues, they may develop versatility in the development process.

Architectural coating is a kind of building material with decoration as the main function, and improving its decorative performance is also an inevitable pursuit of people. In this pursuit process, the continuous development and improvement of high decorative architectural coatings will be promoted. The past course of development has proved this and will continue to follow this path in the future.

Application is the premise of development, a large number of applications will inevitably be improved in the application process or produce new varieties, which will be the basis for the development of high decorative coatings for exterior walls, and the development of high decorative architectural coatings for interior walls will be It may be multifunctional, especially functionalization that is conducive to health, such as regulating humidity, releasing negative ions, stain resistance, mildew, and the like.

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