The difference between the middle water stop bolt and the pass water stop bolt

The characteristics of the waterstop bolt in the teeth in the teeth seal teeth in the use of teeth, not easy to slip, the fastening effect is very good, by experienced woodworking masters and bosses of all ages. Because the watertight bolt of the middle tooth overcomes the slippery phenomenon caused by the traditional waterstop bolts due to too fine teeth, and this kind of slippery teeth phenomenon is also commonplace on the construction site, so anyone who is knowledgeable knows that for the kind of nut from The scene of flying off the bolts is even more shocking, so the advent of Zhongshi waterstop bolts directly saved the owner of the project a lot of heart.

The characteristics of the water-proof sealing bolts The advantages of the water-proof sealing bolts: The thread teeth are trapezoidal buckles, so the piers are thick and firm, they are not easily deformed, and they do not slip. Because they are thread teeth, they can be used in engineering, even if they are long. It is also convenient. Through wire sealing bolts Disadvantages: When the bolt and the nut gap is slightly larger, under stress conditions, the nut will spin out of the spin, is also common in the site, for those who do the project is a headache. Because it leads to violence, then it has to be rebuilt. So this kind of water-proof sealing bolt looks very firm, but in fact the inner diameter of the thread is very thin, this kind of illusion will cause the construction company to risk using the thread bolt, which will cause the bolt to break off and cause the consequences of the violent model.

The middle water stop bolt overcomes the problem that the screw cap is retreated due to the large inclination of the wire sealing bolt. Or is it related to sliding teeth, in addition, if it is due to silk teeth and lead to violence die, the consequences are unimaginable. For the construction site, construction safety is very critical and it is important to choose the sealing bolt.

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