The bedroom floor what color looks good and dirty bedroom floor dark good or light good

What color is good on the floor ? This issue is worth thinking about. When you choose, you may mistakenly believe that you can achieve the desired effect as long as you like. This is actually a misunderstanding. Nowadays, floor tiles have a wide variety of colors, water impermeability, and ease of cleaning, which have become increasingly popular among consumers. However, the choice of floor tiles is a big problem. Choosing good floor tiles can make a lot of coloring at home, and the choice of floor tiles is also very important. It needs to remind everyone that the effect produced by the single floor and the overall pavement is not exactly the same. Therefore, we must pay attention to the effect of purchasing several blocks in the purchase, and then determine whether to purchase. If you are still bothered by this, it may be useful for me to learn about the colors of the floor and the knowledge of floor purchase.

What color of tiles look good

Tile color---yellow

It is one of the more used colors that make us feel warm. The perfect combination of bright furniture + yellow wall shows a warm heart.

Tile color --- dark green

Dark green tiles, laid in the bathroom, will show the simple design feel. However, this kind of match is more picky and must be taken carefully. What color of the floor tile is good depends on the actual situation.

Tile color --- dark brown

Dark brown tiles + dark wood cabinets and cabinets, will show the best of retro atmosphere. No matter what color floor tiles are used, the overall coordination will be perfect.

Tile color --- light blue

The bathroom is dominated by blue and white tones, and it is covered in a way that seems to go into the world of the sea. Suitable for Mediterranean style decoration, fresh and soft, giving people a pleasant experience.


Tile color matching

Tile color - living room

In order to make the living room look spacious and bright, it is recommended to choose light-colored tiles, such as beige or milky white. With dark carpet, strong contrast and stylish sense. Light-colored floor tiles seem simple, but in fact they are very particular about matching. Especially the living room is the facade of the home, following the principle of “overall coordination, local contrast”, the transition of local colors forms.

Tile color - bedroom

Taking into account the mix of furniture, if the wardrobe is white, it is recommended to choose dark floor tiles, the wall with warm colors, such as: orange, yellow and so on. The color of the floor tiles should not be too deep, which will make people feel dreary and have a great influence on the feelings of living.

Tile Color - Kitchen & Bath

The color of kitchen and floor tiles is exquisite. The kitchen is a source of pollution, and it is easy to get dirty, so the floor tiles are not light, such as: white. Brown and dark green are more suitable for the kitchen. If you want to be brighter, choose bright yellow items, very eye-catching.

The bathroom gives a clean feeling. It is recommended to choose light floor tiles. For example: blue and white tone, using a full way to take you into the world of the sea. Suitable for Mediterranean style, giving a comfortable experience.

Dark green tiles, can bring out the simple design sense. Matching more picky, take caution. What color of the floor tile is good depends on the actual situation.


What color is good on the floor?

1. What color of the floor looks good in classical style

The classic style floor gives a sense of heavyness, European classical floor, brings a lively atmosphere to the bedroom, retro but warm. Rough wood grain, darker flooring, such as: black, brown, etc., this will be able to thicken the sense of retro.

2 floor what color look good modern style

The modern style floor reflects the modern elements with clear lines and uses warm colors to maintain the gorgeousness without losing practicality. The family can use moderate colors such as brown, khaki, etc., without too much color difference. The texture is clear, the pattern is complete, and the tree section effects have a small amount of retention.

3. The floor what color looks good in American style

Tranquility and nature are the representatives of American style. The light-colored wood system of returning to the true nature can reflect the natural beauty of space; the craft floor with original wood texture is also the best choice for country style.

4 floor what color looks good Chinese style

Based on our country's culture, the color of the floor should be solemn and graceful, such as the color of blackish and reddish; it should reflect the sense of court in ancient times.


How to choose the color of the floor

One. Room lighting

If it is a well-lit room, the range of choice is large, and the shade can be controlled. Low-floor, poorly lit living rooms, it is recommended to choose a higher brightness, more suitable floor materials, try to avoid the use of dark materials.

Two. Ground color matching

The ground color is used to set off the furniture and the floor decoration will not be replaced. When choosing, many factors need to be considered. Such as: earth color, neutral color is the mainstream, if properly matched, dark and light colors can achieve the desired effect.

The color of the ground is recommended to be soft and will not change frequently. Neutral colors are recommended. From the hue, light furniture + dark floor and any combination, but with extra care, so as not to produce depressing scenes.

Light-colored floor, the simple style will be reflected most vividly. In recent years, wooden floors such as wormholes and cracks have been found. The rising demand for floorboards is a reflection of people's concept of returning to nature.

Color influences visual effects, warm tone plays a role of expansion, and cold tone plays a role in contraction. Small areas are dominated by dark shades, which enlarges the area. The use of warm-colored flooring makes the space narrow and boosts pressure.

III. Size of housing area

Color affects the overall visual effect, warm tone plays a role in the expansion of space, and cold tone plays a role in the contraction of space. The small area of ​​the ground is dominated by dark tones, which increases the overall area. Choose a warm color floor, so narrow the space and increase the sense of depression. In the floor color, you should tend to have a small texture effect and avoid clutter.

Four. Friends like to recommend the use of gray floor white floor

Using a white floor can create a peaceful atmosphere in the home. It is best to use greyish white, lighter colors to give people a feeling of tranquility without causing "top-heavy."

V. Classic collocation: yellow and green

The yellow floor creates a sense of warmth and is one of the colors that everyone prefers. When the ground is yellow, the walls use adjacent colors and support them with green, which can achieve a warm atmosphere.

Six classic match: black tea with pink tone ivory

Dark-tone flooring gives a strong appeal and expressiveness with a distinct personality. The red tone floor gives a strong visual experience. If the walls are thick, choose pink or ivory colors to transform the space into a lively atmosphere.

Seven classic match: dark brown with beige

The dark brown floor is dark in color. In order to make the space appear more translucent, the walls are painted white, making the wooden floor darker. You may wish to choose a brown beige cream, which is closer in color, fresh and elegant, and has a strong sense of space.

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What color is good on the floor?



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