Talking about the installation notes of building intercom equipment

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization, building intercom systems have been basically designed for new buildings in first-tier cities. From the perspective of future developments, the visual intercom system of building intercom seems to have become the standard for new residential communities.
The installation and use of the building intercom equipment, because it involves a professional installation process, so users want to install the equipment can be used quickly and safely, especially in the future maintenance and use, but also hope that there will be no problems. Therefore, the professional installation method is very critical. Here are some things to note about the installation of the building intercom equipment:
The first is that the installation position of the power box should be properly selected. First, to avoid installing on the side walls around the house, especially on the side walls of the projected houses can not be installed to prevent direct lightning attacks; Second, to avoid installing on the side of the pipe with metal pipes, gas pipes, etc. In particular, it is even more difficult to install metal pipes and air pipes with a side wall of less than 5 meters.
Secondly, the power supply box and circuit board should be grounded. The grounding wire should be solid and reliable, and the grounding resistance should be ≤ 0.1Ω.
In addition, the wiring should be correct and reasonable. Power lines and signal lines should be placed indoors to avoid outdoor wiring as much as possible, avoiding the same direction and cross wiring as metal pipes, air pipes, etc., and it is impossible to avoid wiring in the same direction as metal pipes, gas pipes, etc. The distance between the two should be ≥ 5 meters. . The wiring should be laid in a straight line to minimize bending wiring.
Finally, the power source of the power box should be connected to the power outlet. When weather protection or weather changes may cause lightning, it is convenient to cut off the power in a timely manner to prevent lightning strikes.
The building intercom equipment pays great attention to the safe use. Therefore, in addition to choosing professional installers, we must choose a building intercom brand with reliable quality and reputation.
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