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Selection and application of INA bearings

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1. Selection of INA bearing type: The INA bearing type is generally selected by the user's technicians according to the operating conditions of the supporting products and the receiving load. The business personnel first know whether the user's practical load can match the selected INA bearing. If the INA bearing does not meet the operational requirements; should promptly advocate the type of customer reorganization; but unless the special product is generally not a problem in the selection type.
2, INA bearing clearance selection: users generally only report the type and grade when purchasing INA bearings; rarely ask for the clearance of INA bearings; business personnel need to ask about the application conditions of INA bearings, The speed, temperature and cooperation of the INA bearing are directly related to the selection of the INA bearing clearance. Generally, most of the motors below 3500 rpm use CM clearance; for high-temperature high-speed motors, the relatively large clearance is required. The .INA bearing clearance will be reduced after the equipment due to the increase of the inner hole and the reduction of the outer circle; the reduction of the clearance = the interference amount × 60% (INA bearing chamber is aluminum). For example, the INA bearing equipment The front clearance is 0. 01mm; the interference at the equipment is 0. 01mm; the clearance after the INA bearing equipment is 0. 004mm. In theory, the noise and life of the INA bearing reach the best condition at zero clearance. However, in practice, the temperature rise and other difficulties are taken into consideration; the INA bearing has a clearance of 0. 002mm-0.004mm.
3, the selection of grease: the selection of grease is generally based on the INA bearing speed, temperature conditions, noise requirements and starting torque and other aspects of the selection; demand business personnel on the function of various greases are well known.
4, INA bearing seal type selection: INA bearing smooth can be divided into oil smooth and grease smooth. Oil smooth INA bearing is generally the choice of INA bearing; grease smooth INA bearing is generally selected with dust cover or rubber seal seal. Dustproof The cover is suitable for high temperature or good environment; the seal is divided into two types: touch seal and non-touch seal; touch seal has good dustproof function but large starting torque; non-connected seal starting torque. Silicone.
INA Bearing is currently specialized in the production of automotive motor INA bearings, home appliance motor INA bearings, motorcycle INA bearings, health care motors INA bearings, etc.; the noise and life of INA bearings reach the best condition.
The types, types and scales of INA bearings are various. In order to make the mechanical equipment perform its intended function; it is crucial to select the most suitable INA bearing. For the selection of INA bearings; demand analysis of many factors; from various viewpoints Conduct research and evaluate procedures for selecting INA bearings; there are no special standards; however, the general order is as follows:
(1) Master the operating conditions of mechanical equipment and INA bearings, etc. (2) Clear requirements for INA bearings (3) Types of selected INA bearings (4) Selected INA bearing equipment methods (5) Selected INA bearing scales (6 INA bearing standard selected (7) Equipment method for selecting INA bearing INA bearing operating conditions and environmental conditions correctly grasp the INA bearing in the mechanical equipment operating parts and operating conditions and environmental conditions is to select the conditions suitable for INA bearings. Demand for data and materials in the following areas:
(1) Function and layout of mechanical equipment (2) Operational parts of INA bearing (3) INA bearing load (large size, direction)
(4) Rotation speed (5) Oscillation, impact (6) INA bearing temperature (ambient temperature, temperature rise)
(7) Ambient atmosphere (corrosive; hygienic; smooth)
INA bearing equipment selection is generally; the shaft is supported by two INA bearings in radial and axial directions; at this moment; the INA bearing on one side is called the fixed side INA bearing; it accepts both radial and axial loads The effect of the relative axial displacement between the fixed shaft and the INA bearing housing. The other side is referred to as the free side; only the radial load is accepted; the axial direction can be relatively moved; to handle the shaft due to temperature changes The elastic part of the problem and the distance error of the equipment INA bearing.
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