Photovoltaic is not a high energy consumption and high emission industry

In May and June of this year, we did a PV industry survey. In this survey, we conducted research on nine key PV companies, interviewed several experts and scholars, and visited relevant important institutions. We want to do our best to understand the current situation of the current PV industry. It is very important that our research has received strong support and assistance from the relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission. The current days of PV companies are not good, many companies are hiding from the media. Without their support and assistance, our research will not be so smooth, so deep. Our research is very fruitful. The published research report is the main part of the results and is published in the name of “Photovoltaic Industry Research Group”. In addition, we feel that there are some valuable and interesting "corners". Through this column, we plan to write out the facts learned by the reporter in the form of notes, write out the feelings and reflections of the reporters, and strive to clarify the current picture of the photovoltaic industry. The photovoltaic industry is not a high-energy, high-emissions industry! This is an important conclusion from our research. This conclusion has been written into the research report, and we have used a whole chapter to write this matter. The data is informative and the facts are conclusive. As the saying goes, it seems that we should not write this again. But a recent report reminds us to write and say more about it. On July 16th, some media reported that China's photovoltaic industry “controversial energy consumption abroad”. This report was reprinted on the homepage of major websites on the same day, and the impact was very large. The theme of this report is correct. It is believed that the domestic PV market should be vigorously opened, but the premise is wrong. Its premise is: the photovoltaic industry is a high energy industry. High energy consumption and high emissions have been the “hats” that are stuck in the photovoltaic industry, but the situation has completely changed. At the time of our research, some organizations provided a research report on “High energy consumption and high emissions” in polysilicon production. The report was written by four industry experts to respond to the so-called "high energy consumption, high emissions" question, written in June 2010. The organization that provided the report reminded us that according to the data at that time, there is no high energy consumption and high emission problem in polysilicon production. Now two years have passed, and technological progress has been greatly accelerated. Now it is said that photovoltaic is a high-energy, high-emissions industry that is seriously inconsistent with the actual situation. The photovoltaic industry is too embarrassing! Some insiders reminded that the photovoltaic industry is high energy consumption and high emissions. Industry, mainly refers to the production of polysilicon. Globally, the United States has the largest production of polysilicon, which is produced locally and then exported to China. If there is a phenomenon of "high energy consumption stays in the country", then the Americans are fools? After the investigation, when the research team discussed this issue, some insiders said with emotion that the so-called high energy consumption and high emissions of the photovoltaic industry have been fooled for three or five years. When I came to this conclusion, I didn't get the first-hand information, not the data from the enterprise, the data from the lab, the data measured by some people, and the wrong conclusion was drawn. Then spread it with rumors, and spread more and more. The problem is that once a misunderstanding is formed, it is not easy to eliminate it. After the investigation, we talked with some friends in the media about this matter, and they still feel that they are suspicious. In their impression, polysilicon production is energy intensive. The problem is that this misunderstanding must be eliminated. Because this is about the truth, it is about the image of the photovoltaic industry, and it is more about the future of the photovoltaic industry. This misunderstanding does not eliminate, and may affect the "big policy" of the photovoltaic industry. Therefore, we want to shout out loudly: the photovoltaic industry is not a high-energy, high-emissions industry!

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