Over-the-floor companies should jump out of excessive marketing circles

The floor company should jump out of the excessive marketing cycle For floor companies, the marketing work is directly related to business performance. In the face of more and more fierce market competition, many floor companies often put more or even most of their resources into marketing, competing for over marketing. The destiny of the enterprise is all betting on marketing, but this often leads to excessive overdrafts of companies, and between big ups and downs, many companies have thus disappeared from the market, and it is said that their prosperity is also erupting.

Misconceptions often lead to misbehavior in flooring companies. As far as the status quo is concerned, many floor companies still equate marketing and sales, and even think that marketing is selling things, and that the most superb thing in marketing is in the terminal. This understanding naturally affects the decision-making of the company, so that the bosses are always eloquent: Since they can not sell anything, but also the sales department of these rice bowls doing! Marketing largely determines the success or failure of sales, but the success or failure of sales has more diverse causes. Today, companies face increasingly fierce competition and seem to have increasingly overlooked these most basic logics.

On the whole, the status quo of the polarization of floor companies' marketing is very typical. On the one hand, most companies still lack marketing; on the other hand, a large number of companies are over-marketing. Regardless of marketing, or over-marketing, the root cause lies in the company's marketing concepts and many misunderstandings. Many companies like to say this: Good products can speak for themselves. The implication is that good products will make marketing appear redundant, and that good products are sold out, which is credit for sales. As everyone knows, a good product is exactly the result of marketing. Even if an enterprise is out of imitation, it needs to have an accurate judgment of the market. The process of judgment and decision-making is not only the integration of resources, but also the strategic plan. The true marketing essence is embodied in this. Without the success of marketing, there can be no sales miracle. Blind research and development and production will inevitably lead to blind consumption of resources. Therefore, whether marketing is equated with sales, it is intended to raise the “kick-off” effort, or to regard marketing as a panacea, and to use it as a life-saving straw for competitors. This is a misunderstanding of marketing.

Today, as the market continues to mature, the ability of consumers to discriminate has become higher and higher. No matter whether they deliberately appeal to customers or intentionally mislead customers, they are all misjudgments and distortions to the market. Including dazzling promotions, explosive advertising, the result may be to beat the death knell of the enterprise more resounding. Therefore, marketing is not equal to distribution, it is not equal to promotion, and it is not equal to advertising, not equal to public relations. Insufficient marketing will inevitably drag on the development of the company, and even make the company lose in the competition. Over-marketing often leads to over-correction of the company, which in turn causes the company to suffer a sensation, and emphasizes the company to advance the failure. As a result, the large corporate names that have fallen due to over-marketing have long been commonplace.

For most SMEs, due to their limited resources, they can only survive in the cracks of large companies. However, the more enterprises with insufficient resources, the more they need to learn marketing, and the more they need to focus on innovation. However, all innovations need to be based on the correct understanding of customers, competitors and themselves. Only those companies that have a deep understanding of customer needs and have a correct understanding of the nature of marketing will be able to become proficient and successful in the fierce competition. The kind of enterprises that try to solve all problems with marketing, and even fantasize about relying on marketing to make a big fight and go fishing, often have not returned to the essence of marketing to think about problems, and such enterprises will eventually lose in the future competition. Come out. The Chinese market is a unique and complex dual-structure market. The differences between the East and West regions are relatively large. The markets in the North and South are very different. The differences between the urban and rural areas are even different, and the maturity of consumers varies greatly.

Therefore, in the face of more development opportunities, only those companies that can properly drive marketing vehicles in competition and strive to grasp the direction of advancement can win tomorrow.

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