Kaidi Shi smart lock seven technologies, open smart life

Kaadas focuses on the field of high-end smart locks. It is a full-scale industrial chain company integrating product development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales services. The Cadiz brand was born in Germany, a world renowned for its rigorous and precise manufacturing. Since its inception, KAADAS has been committed to the development and manufacturing of smart lock products with excellent quality, convenient and comfortable use, and simple and stylish appearance.

In the country's largest intelligent lock testing laboratory, we have used leading technology and advanced equipment to develop smart locks, cloud speed series, Kleist series, crown series and other smart lock products and seven kinds of technologies. The following introduces the seven technologies of Cadiz.

Kaidi Shi smart lock seven technologies

1, three anti-lock technology

Three anti-patent (anti-saw, smash, impact) national standard lock body, safe and 90% of the new and old anti-theft door to install quickly; lock body rotating latch and handle, can lock a four-way door, versatility; lift handle It can be unlocked, with a world-class pole and super B-level custom key design, super anti-theft performance.


2, smart touch screen technology

The 5A drilled touch panel has less fingerprint residue to prevent fingerprints from being copied, and is as smart and smart as a smart phone screen.

3, anti-peeping technology

Unique intelligent virtual password input method design, 6-bit open password before and after any input virtual password, to prevent password leakage.

4, smart alarm technology

Super B-level custom key, mechanical key to open the smart alarm, the password input error after 5 times the keyboard lock alarm, the lock body panel by the gravity impact, violence to open the smart alarm.

5, wireless remote control technology

The wireless remote control opens the door quickly to prevent guests from waiting outside the door for a long time.

6, security butler technology

The mobile phone opens the door remotely, and can also open the door to relatives and friends in foreign countries. When entering the password incorrectly, the lock body is maliciously opened, and the smart phone will send a SMS notification when the gravity strikes. When a special password is set and the person is held hostage, this password can be used. Smart alarm.

7, bank fingerprint

The FPC semiconductor fingerprint collector in Sweden is safe and fast, and it is used by 135 brand banks worldwide. The world's leading biometric (fingerprint) recognition algorithm technology, ≦ 0.5 seconds touch open.

Based on the business philosophy of “people-oriented science and technology”, Kaidi Shi develops seven kinds of top technologies, applies cutting-edge technology to civilian use, and provides consumers with high-quality, safe and convenient high-tech smart products, opening up a new era of smart living.

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