Jingge Aluminum successfully invented a new aluminum slag rapid processing and recycling process and equipment

Recently, the “Aluminum smelting furnace hot-aluminum slag quick processing and recycling process and equipment” declared by experts Zhu Youyuan, an engineer of Zhongjing Doors and Windows Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jingge Aluminum Group, was formally authorized by the State Patent Office after being reviewed by experts. He received awards from Furong District Government, Municipal Government and Provincial Government. This patent solves the problems existing in the hot aluminum slag treatment in the industry, such as the defects of unclean separation, will greatly reduce the burning of aluminum, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the oxidation of hot aluminum slag, which has a high practical value.

The acquisition of this invention patent further improved the company's core competitiveness. It is hoped that the majority of cadres and staff members will actively carry out scientific and technological innovations in their work, implement inventions and innovations, and give more suggestions for rationalization. Once adopted, they will be rewarded according to the company system.

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