How to easily buy pine to buy environmentally friendly water-based paint?

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Buy environmentally friendly water-based paint, do a look at the second and third observations, four according to the room five to see VOC.

One is to look at the packaging. Consumers should carefully check the packaging when purchasing paint. Because polyester lacquer has large volatility, the product packaging should be well sealed and there should be no leakage. Metal packaging should not be rusted, otherwise it will show no sealing. Good or too long; also check the production date and shelf life carefully, first remove the inferior paint from the outer packaging.

The second is to smell. After opening the lid, the truly environmentally friendly latex water-based paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless, so users should not be ideal if they have a pungent or industrial flavor when smelling. After a period of time, the surface of the genuine latex water-based paint will form a thick and elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack, and the defective product will only form a thin film, which is brittle and has a spicy odor. Mix the latex water-based paint with a wooden stick and pick it with a wooden stick. The high-quality latex water-based paint will form a fan shape when it flows down. Touch with your fingers, the authentic latex water-based paint should feel smooth and delicate. True latex paints have no irritating odor, while low-grade water-soluble paints for counterfeit latex water-based paints may contain formaldehyde and therefore have a strong irritating taste.

The third is to observe the color. The high-quality coating has a colorless or yellowish layer of protective aqueous solution, and the surface usually has no floating matter.

The fourth is to choose paint according to the room. The function of latex paint is very important. Latex paint should be selected according to the different parts of the paint. For example, the latex paint used on the wall of bedroom and living room requires strong adhesion, fine texture, good differentiation resistance and breathability; kitchen and bathroom. Latex paint should be waterproof, mildewproof and easy to wash. The bedroom is made of polyvinyl acetate (commonly known as latex water-based paint), but the kitchen, toilet and balcony top are susceptible to dampness. Choose a more scrub resistant coating, strong ethylene propylene or styrene-acrylic latex paint.

The fifth is to look at the content of VOC. VOC of paint refers to the total amount of organic compounds contained in the paint. The volatilization of organic matter will cause harm to the environment and the human body, and the amount of these solvents should be minimized. At the same time, it should be noted that these organic compounds are the main components of the main film-forming materials of the coatings, and they cannot reduce the VOC content because they are likely to cause a decrease in the viscosity of the coating, resulting in powder falling off and foaming. Cracking, low scrub resistance, etc.

Xiaobian knows a case that happened in Beijing in 2000, the owner of a paint factory, which is also an engineer himself. In order to prove the environmental performance of his own paint, he drank half a cup (disposable plastic cup) in public, pay attention, It is a kind of water-based latex paint that is made of latex paint and painted on the wall. It is a beautiful talk. However, if it is oily paint, if it comes into contact with the skin of the body, it will feel "burning" after a while, it is difficult to imagine what effect it will have when drinking.

For the cooking, cooking, painting, painting on the mannequins, painting, etc., it is not only the need for consumers to improve their cognitive and discerning ability, but also the rectification of relevant departments. phenomenon.

In fact, the side effects of paint and paint need to be displayed within a certain period of time after use. Temporary safety can not guarantee that you can sit back and relax in the future. As a rational consumer product, you can directly enter the family's products. Environmental protection cannot be ignored. Consumers are choosing. When buying, you must undergo careful comparison and selection. For product safety, consumers should be more convinced of scientific data and genuine experimental evidence, rather than just seeing if they can drink.

Although the coatings market has matured, with the increase in coatings companies and the increase in coating brands, the market for competition has also become fierce. The use of paint products as beverages and cosmetics to promote, in addition to harming the body, has caused misleading to consumers, and even disturbed the healthy and orderly competitive environment and economic order. The paint ring is not environmentally friendly, but ultimately depends on the quality of the products and consumers. Trust.

Xiao Bian here reminds everyone that for paint cooking, drinking paint, painting on mannequins, painting, etc., these are purely based on the propaganda method of Boss, everyone must improve their cognitive and discerning ability, of course, the relevant departments also need to rectify In order to completely eliminate these phenomena.

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