How much cotton quilt cover is generally good cotton or cotton

In most people's impressions, bed linen should be better cotton, close, sweat-absorbent and comfortable. In the quilt market, you say that the quilt you can see is basically labeled with pure cotton, but not all cotton materials are the same. As can be seen from the price of cotton quilt cover , there is a big difference in product quality, so the price difference is also very large. What is the price of cotton quilt cover ? Every visit to the mall will see a variety of pure cotton quilt, but the price difference of pure cotton quilt is quite large in different places. What is the difference between them? What about the price of cotton quilt cover? How to buy cotton quilt? Don't worry, if you are still troubled with the purchase, you may wish to follow me to understand the relevant knowledge of cotton quilt!

The benefits of cotton quilt cover for winter

No static electricity

In addition to pure cotton and sanding, polyester fabrics are used. In a dry environment, electrostatic reactions are noticeable. Long-term anxiety, chest tightness, coughing and so on.

2. Better warmth

In all fabrics, the cotton coefficient is good. Thermal and electrical conductors have poor thermal conductivity and good thermal stability. After treatment, the warmth is increased, which is a warm weapon in winter.

3. Natural health

The main ingredient of cellulose, after millennia inspection, has no stimulatory effect on the human body, unlike polyester fabrics, it will produce allergies.

4. Moisturizing comfort

Dry in winter, the skin is uncomfortable, the quilt fabric has good moisture absorption and moisture retention, excellent skin-friendly properties, and the winter cover will be very comfortable.


Cotton quilt how to choose

1, hand touch

When the quilt cover was first used, it was a bit hard. Hand rubbed it, and felt some moisture in the palm of your hand was sucked away. This indicated that the cotton content was high; the squat was slippery, indicating that it was not pure cotton, and chemical fiber components were added.

2, eye view

Fibers are straight, short, and evenly distributed, indicating that the cotton content is high; on the contrary, chemical fiber components are numerous. The "pilling" that we usually say is caused by the fact that the fibers are rubbed and the short fibers are rolled together.

3, nose smell

Because of the difference in the process, the dyes will be accumulated more, so the industrial taste is more concentrated; the quilt-covered fabric will not print too complex and too thin patterns, and the industrial taste is lighter.

4, check the label

Regular manufacturers, the amount of cotton in the label quilt, according to the provisions: cotton content exceeding 70%, be regarded as pure cotton quilt.


What is the price of cotton quilt

Double duvet cover

Double duvet cover, standard size: 2 meters * 2 meters 3 is very common, can be produced in batches, cheap one has 20 yuan. In the four-piece suit, the price of the four-piece suit may be a little higher, about 90 yuan to 500 yuan.

Single quilt cover

A single quilt saves material, and the price is cheaper. Double quilt size can not be more expensive 20 yuan.

Custom quilt cover

What is popular today is custom-made quilt cover. The price is divided into two fast, 1. Manual production costs, 2. Purchase fabric costs. The manual fee is different, cotton quilt 30 yuan/meter. To sum up, custom-made a set of about one or two hundred yuan.

Sanding quilt

Sanding quilt is a variant of pure cotton, the essence is pure cotton quilt. There is a gap in prices, and it is cheaper to use quilts, but in recent years it has been fired up and the quilts for single items have been about 120 yuan or so.

Brand quilt cover

One of the four sets, a lot of brands, such as: rich Anna, Mercury and other brands. Exquisite packaging, fine workmanship, professional designer design, high aesthetics, high-end brand offer two or three hundred, there are four or five hundred.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


7 reasons to buy cotton quilt cover


Natural plant fibers are dominated by cotton fibers. Affected by sunlight, moisture, etc. The biggest feature: no side effects, can be used with confidence.


Must be breathable. If it is not air-permeable, it can easily affect the quality of sleep; during sleep, sweating can not be absorbed by the fiber in time, leading to rheumatism.

Keep warm

Poor thermal conductor, porous features, good thermal insulation. When there is no down jacket when you are young, you wear cotton and cotton quilts to feel comfortable.


After the natural fiber is dirty, washing and drying are major problems, such as: silk, not exposure; cotton, good washing and drying, do not worry about washing problems. Chemical fiber has static electricity and is easily contaminated with dust.


Alkali-resistant, contains decontamination functions, and increases alkaline detergents; for silk, it can never be used and will not cause any harm. Compared with other materials, there is no need to worry about washing.


The cotton material product, a life span of 10 years, Meng Jie was applied for 17 years, from the wedding to the present, the quilt and the new almost.

Can not afford the ball

In the process of use, no pilling occurs. Even if a small ball appears, it will fall off in time, there will be no hair ball, and the fabric will have good comfort.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the cotton quilt in general, how much money is covered with cotton or cotton. I hope to help friends who have this requirement! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Cotton quilt cover


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