Graphene industry development speed-related companies are expected to benefit

In recent years, Fujian Province has attached great importance to the development of graphene industry. In the past year, Fujian Province has focused on opening up the key plugging points for the development of graphene to industrialization, establishing a coordination mechanism for the development of graphene industry, and setting up a special fund for graphene industry development. Innovative combination of punches to promote the accelerated development of the graphene industry. With the gradual opening up of the “last mile” of R&D to industrialization, more than 40 graphene-related enterprises with certain strength have emerged in Fujian Province. In 2017, the province’s high-end graphite and graphene industries realized an output value of about 2 billion yuan. The downstream related industries are nearly 10 billion yuan.
Everbright Securities believes that Fangda Carbon's net profit in July is expected to reach about 500 million yuan, and the high profit probability will continue until March next year. According to the market price calculation, we estimate that the company's net profit in July will reach 500 million yuan, and the probability of this profit level is expected to remain until the middle of next year. The main reasons are: (1) During the “warming season”, North China graphite electrode Manufacturers may face more severe production cuts; (2) the supply of raw needles is very scarce. The heating season is generally from November 15th to March 15th. During this period, the national graphite electrode town in North China may reduce production by more than 50%, which will support the high price and high profit of the industry. Needle coke is expected to become a new highlight of the company's investment. Affected by the relationship between supply and demand, ultra-high power (mainly used in electric furnace steel), the core raw material needle coke also entered the market without price. On July 12, Jinzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. quoted 20,000 yuan/ton, Shanxi Hongte 25,000 yuan/ton, Baosteel Chemical Company 16,500 yuan/ton. The continuous increase in the price of needle coke is expected to affect the output of some graphite electrode enterprises, but for Fangda carbon: (1) the needle coke project with a capacity of 60,000 tons (if it is fully produced, it will meet the required 50%) It was gradually put into production in June; (2) The company is the largest importer of needle coke in the country, and the quantity can be guaranteed. The future of needle coke is expected to become a new highlight of Fangda Carbon.

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