Flooring companies: how to let distributors follow the corporate mentality

Flooring companies: how to let distributors follow the corporate mentality In today's flooring industry, channel competition has become the commanding point of the enterprise's competition for the deer market, and is one of the most important capitals of every floor company. In fact, the floor companies do channels to communicate with distributors. The process of communication is guided and guided. It is necessary to constantly improve themselves, to guide distributors, and to allow dealers to follow the corporate mentality, if not At one point, the work will be very passive, and the fate will be handed to others. The development of channel management must start from two aspects: first, develop new business; second, manage old business.

First, develop new business

One of the clerk's needs is to have the ability to empathize. We want distributors to be our products. We must think from the perspective of the dealer why he wants to be our product. Understand this problem, we are There will be something to talk about in previous contacts with dealers.

The choice of dealer is not to make a product mainly consider three factors: 1, short-term profits; 2, long-term; 3, risk. Therefore, in our communication with distributors, we must clearly tell each other, what benefits we can get in the short term, what kind of development we can achieve in the long term, what are the foreseeable risks, and we will do some of these risks. What prevents dealers from losing money.

When developing a new business, the most important thing is to establish the confidence of the dealers in the company's products, so that dealers put more effort to do, but can not become a dealer's tasteless products, can do it.

Second, management of old business

Many clerk may think that managing a dealer means conveying the company’s policy and drinking with the dealer, eating, bragging. I think this is completely wrong. If business is so simple, then anybody can do business. In fact, doing business requires a lot of things, especially the channels. According to my own experience, I divided the salesperson into three types. The first one is simply to convey the company's policies. I call him the person who delivered the information; the second is to give the dealer's employees something to do, and sales. Skills training can help distributors to solve some problems. I call him a tactical salesman. The third one is to provide suggestions for the development of dealer companies and to provide guidance to dealers strategically. I call him As a strategic salesman.

In order to reduce the company's business risk, current distributors rarely do a single job and generally operate multiple brands at the same time. The brands operated by dealers can be divided into main push brands, customer brands, and replenishment brands according to the input of dealers. The main push brand refers to the profit-oriented products and pressure products of distributors. Juke brand is generally a product with high brand awareness, but usually the profit rate is low. Distributors generally do not push and only run the flow, but the replacement brand is only used as a distributor. A supplement, it is difficult to get the attention of the dealer.

For the above analysis, the process of managing the old business is to let the dealers use the company's brand as their main push brand, and let the dealers use the company's brand as their main push brand. We need to do the following work. First, maintain the relationship with the dealer; this is the most basic quality as a salesman. Therefore, we must always visit the dealers to understand the existing difficulties of dealers, coordinate the relationship between the dealers and the company, help the dealers solve some of the problems he has encountered, and help him develop some customers. No matter what you do, you must always communicate by telephone. You must call and greet the Chinese New Year to increase the feelings between the two parties. From the feelings, let the distributor master do the company's products. Second, profit analysis; good relationship is the basis of both parties, but in business negotiations, dealers pay more attention to the interests, so we must help dealers do a good job in profit analysis, let them know how much money the company's products can make , how to earn, in a matter of years, the company can achieve what kind of height.

Guide the distributors to do the company's products from the interests. Third, control; allowing dealers to have a greater inventory pressure is the most simple and effective method for dealers to push the company's products, so the salesman must make good use of the company's promotional policies, so that dealers maintain a certain amount of inventory pressure. If the clerk's level is high enough, the above-mentioned strategic salesperson can provide strategic assistance to the development of the dealership's company, and it will undoubtedly increase the degree of bonding between the two parties.

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