Family emergency reserve list

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May 12 is the tenth National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued "the resident family emergency reserve list of recommended items", under the recommended conditions permitting, each household will reserve the necessary emergency supplies to Prepare for the occasion.

According to reports, the city actively promotes the establishment of a government, society, and family disaster prevention and reduction material storage system. At present, the government’s emergency reserve reserves have been continuously increased, the reserve potential of the society is also very deep, household material reserves are relatively weak, and it is urgent to make up for shortcomings. The family is the first responder after a disaster occurs. The household's ability to deal with emergency emergencies is related to the comprehensive prevention of the entire society against various types of disasters. Therefore, a good family emergency material reserve can effectively improve the family's ability to resist disaster risks, enhance their ability to save themselves and save themselves, and effectively prevent and reduce disaster losses.

The "List" divides materials into five categories according to their functions: safe-haven escape, survival help, drinking water food, medical drugs, and important materials .

Hidden escape

Mainly in the event of a disaster, family members can be the first time to carry out self-help and rescue the basic tools. Contains 8 kinds of materials, including multi-function flashlights, home fire blankets, emergency safety ropes, masks (towels, gas masks) 4 kinds of basic package materials. High-rise buildings, rural areas, coastal areas (inner areas), mountain areas, etc. must be equipped with protective gloves. Life jackets, lifebuoys, etc. should be provided along the coast and in the Inner Neighbourhood area. For the conditional family, it is recommended to store home fire extinguishers, multi-function knives and other escape tools.

Survival Helper

Mainly in the event of a disaster, family members can maintain the 7 kinds of materials necessary for short-term survival . One windproof lighter (matches), nylon cloth raincoats, insulation blankets, help whistle, semiconductor radio 5 kinds of basic package materials. In the event of a disaster, it can play a role in preserving body temperature, fire sources, and sending out distress signals to help find helpers and implement rescues in a timely manner. The elderly must also be equipped with a call for help and a multi-functional home alarm. High-level should be equipped with multi-functional home alarms.

Drinking water, food

Mainly in the event of a disaster, family members are able to maintain the five essential necessities of life, including drinking water (drinks), instant noodles or biscuits are two kinds of basic package materials. The elderly and children must be equipped with special foods for high blood pressure, diabetics and babies. For qualified families, it is recommended to store long-term, high-calorie foods such as chocolate (milk), canned food and salt.

Medical drugs

Mainly in the event of a disaster, family members are able to carry out self-rescue, mutual rescue, and life-sustaining five types of drugs. Among them, internal medicine such as pain relief, antidiarrhea, fever, and band-aids, alcohol cotton balls (iodophor cotton sticks), gauze rolls, sterilized tissues, hemostatic agents and other external medicines belong to the basic package materials. The elderly and children must also be equipped with special drugs such as heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, and children's medications. For conditional families, it is recommended that tourniquets and medical splints be stored. Early treatment can play a role in later treatment and harm reduction.

Important information

After the disaster mainly used to confirm the identity, to carry out treatment, reduce class 2 material property damage. Among them, photocopies of identity cards (passports), social security cards, health cards, home address books, real estate certificates, bank cards (passbooks), insurance policies, securities, etc., as well as appropriate amounts of cash and replacement keys are basic package materials. For qualified families, it is recommended to stock up on electronic storage media and other materials to provide protection for the restoration of normal life as soon as possible.

This article was reprinted from Tianjin Daily.

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