EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS

Model NO.: EPS resin
Trademark: HY
Origin: China
HS Code: 39031900
Expandable Polystyrene EPS granules/ Resin

1. Detailes:
1). Name: EPS (Expandable Polystyrene)
2). Type: Virgin&Recycled
3). Grade: General&Flame retardant
4). Factory supply directly
6). Long term supply

2. Packing & Delivery
1). Packing: About 25kg in PP bag, 20MT/1X20'FCL, or as customer's requirements.
2). Delivery: Within 7-10 days after received your prepayment or within 3-4 weeks after received your formal L/C

3. Main Usage
1). Packaging: I. E.: Vegetable and fruit box, Fish box, Electronics packaging;
2). New Building Material: I. E.: Sandwich panel, 3D panel, Brick insert, Insulated Concrete Foam (ICF)
3). Plastic Foam Flotation: I. E.: Float
4). Decorating Material: I. E.: Cornices, Ceiling tiles, Articles in arts and crafts for advertisement and decoration;
5). Full Mould Casting: I. E.:
6). Protecting material: I. E.: Anti-freeze pad to cushion foundations of roads and railways in high cold region;
7). Filter material: I. E.: Applicable in medium and small scaled water supply system;
8). Other applications: I. E.: Applicable in seeding nurseries for hydroponics; Mixed with clay and cement to manufacture lightweight wall tiles and cement castings; As filling material for pillow...
Tests Value Unit
Bead Size 0.50-0.90 Millimeter
Pentane Content 5.8 % Weight
Mean Unexpanded Bead Size 0.65 Millimeters
Bulk Density 630 G/L
Coefficient of Liner Expension 6.3 cm/cm/°C
Single   Pass   Continuous 2.00 pcf
Batch 1.70  pcf
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature 80 °C
Packing 25 in paper bag,20MT/1X20'FCL

Classification Item/Diameter(mm) Screen Efficiency Expandable Range(once) Foam Density G/L Applications
Common Grade E201(1.4-2.3) 1.4-2.3mm≥94% 90-110 8.0-16.0 use for block and low density product
E301(1.0-1.8) 1.0-1.8mm≥98% 75-95 10.0-20.0 Use for block and low density product
E302(0.8-1.3) 0.8-1.4mm≥98% 65-85 12.0-15.0 Use for product more than 12MM thick
E303(0.6-1.0) 0.6-1.0mm≥94% 55-75 15.0-25.0 Use for middle density packing product
E401(0.3-0.8) 0.3-0.8mm≥97% 50-70 16.0-30.0 Use for product more than 8MM thick
E501(0.3-0.5) 0.3-0.5mm≥90% 15-30 20.0-40.0 Use for moulding and headpiece ETC special product
Flame-retardant Grade F201(1.4-2.3) 1.4-2.3mm≥94% 90-110 20.0-14.0 Use for block
F301(1.0-1.8) 1.0-1.8mm≥98% 50-70 22.0-15.0 Use for block anf big packing product
F302(0.8-1.3) 0.8-1.4mm≥98% 45-65 25.0-15.0 Use for block and bigpacking product
F303(0.6-1.0) 0.6-1.0mm≥94% 40-60 25.0-17.0 Use for block and middle density packing product
F401(0.3-0.8) 0.3-0.8mm≥97% 30-50 33.0-20.0 Use for high density block and special use product
F501(0.3-0.5) 0.3-0.5mm≥90% 15-30 50.0-25.0 Use for high density block and special use product
Multiple-times Grade P201(1.4-2.3) 1.4-2.3mm≥94% 90-110 8.7-9.0 Use for electric packing, block, craftwork, box etc, especially use for low density block
P301(1.0-1.8) 1.0-1.8mm≥98% 80-100 8.7-9.0
P302(0.8-1.3) 0.8-1.4mm≥98% 70-90 8.7-10.0
P303(0.6-1.0) 0.6-1.0mm≥94% 60-80 8.7-10.0
P401(0.3-0.8) 0.3-0.8mm≥97% 55-75 8.7-10.0
P501(0.3-0.5) 0.3-0.5mm≥90% 15-30 11.1-15.5
Packing: 25kg/ PP bag, 20MT/20ft Container

products photos : 

EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS

EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS
EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS
EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS
EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS
EPS Resin Beads, Polystyrene EPS



Blockboard is a multi-ply board with a block core. This gives the board optimum flatness of each panel as well as a high resistance to wrapping. Blockboard is obtainable in both lightweight and heavyweight, where by the heavyweight board is normally classed as laminboard.

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Advantages of Blockboard:

High dimensional stability

Termite and borer resistant

Stable in all weather conditions

The details of Blockboard:

Sizes: 1220mm x 2440mm(Standard Size), 1250mm x 2500mm or according to customer`s request.

Thickness: 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, etc.

Core: Falcata/Malacca, paulownia, eucalyptus, fir, poplar, pine, birch, hardwood, etar, pine, birch, hardwood, etc.

Density: 450kg ~ 680kg/m3


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