Eight advantages of bamboo fiber wallboard How to distinguish high quality bamboo fiber wallboard

Now that the wall decoration is not just a monotonous whitewashed wall, many people will choose more decorative decorations. One of them is bamboo fiber wallboard . Bamboo fiberboard is more in recent years. People will choose a kind of decoration that combines novel technology and traditional culture to bring new colors to the family. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of bamboo fiber wallboard and related introductions!

First, the eight advantages of bamboo fiber wallboard

1. Green “0” formaldehyde (no odor in the room after installation, formaldehyde content lower than E0, a European environmental protection standard, to ensure the health of the family's living environment.)

2. Fire-proof and moisture-proof, safe and worry-free (The product design fully considers the requirements of fire-retardant and flame-retardant, it does not burn fire-free, and it creates a barrier for family safety; at the same time, the product is completely waterproof and moisture-proof, especially for the wall decoration in the humid environment in the south. Keep away from wall leakage and produce mildew.)

3. Insulation, heat insulation (its own vents, plus its unique design, can effectively block the transmission of indoor and outdoor temperatures, cool in winter and cool in summer)

4. Variety style with heart (Product design can be designed and matched by the owner according to the actual decoration style, Fun wall decoration DIY, to achieve personalized wall decoration.)

5. Easy to clean (kids writing on the wall can be quickly and easily cleaned)

6. Impact resistance (high hardness, strong impact resistance)

7. Quick decoration (constructed directly on the rough wall by gun nails, 15 days package occupancy)

8. Long life (the service life of wood-plastic siding materials can reach 20 years)

Second, how to identify high-quality bamboo fiber wallboard

1. The difference between bamboo and wood fiber wallboard can be distinguished from the color. The sheet is light yellow, with no variegated color, no variegated dots and red, black and blue, etc., and the surface is smooth. So if it is fine, if it is grayish black, Some black and red and white, rough plate is so bad.

2. The high-quality bamboo fiberboard wallboard can be fastened with clips. It can be nailed directly, the joints are tight and the grooves are deep. The poor quality can not be nailed, the slot is very shallow.

3. Look at the flexibility, if it is a real bamboo fiber sheet strength is also very good, flexible combination of durable on the wall. The poor quality emphasizes the strength, but not the toughness, which is the addition of stone powder, but no bamboo powder and wood flour. The main performance of flexibility lies in the fibers in bamboo powder and wood flour. Although the stone powder has increased in strength, it has indeed become brittle.

4. The coated bamboo fiber board is not suitable for the floor at all. Hope our customers do not believe that those who do not understand the sales company nonsense.

The above are the eight advantages of bamboo fiber wallboard for everyone and related purchasing skills. If you like this type of wall decoration, then you can take a look at the above description and it will certainly help you! For more information, please continue to follow this site.

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