Don't say that you will grow tomato in the first place, you will be wrong!

Grasp the time of snoring in one day, it is best to choose a sunny day and high temperature for snoring. In the morning, the wounds are too large, causing the loss of nutrients; the temperature is high at noon, the wounds heal quickly after snoring, and the wounds are less; if the snoring is after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the nighttime condensation is likely to cause the wounds to be infected by the bacteria.

Do a good job of disinfection before snoring to prevent cross-infection. Wash hands and scissors thoroughly with soapy water or disinfectant before handling. Be selective when fighting. That is to say, the plants that are strong and disease-free will be planted first, and the plants that are susceptible to the disease will be planted. The residues that have been laid down should be piled up in a concentrated manner, and then cleaned and buried, and should not be thrown away.

When snoring, leaving a sputum of 1~2 cm high at the base of the sputum can effectively prevent the bacteria from invading the trunk from the wound, and can make the wound smaller and facilitate wound healing. (Dr. Agriculture)

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