Do not know the power of Horus smart lock twelve functions!!

As we all know, many intelligent products have now entered our homes, escorting the safety and convenience of our families, solving many problems for us, and bringing more convenience. The functions of the smart lock are familiar to you. Those you don't know? Let's talk to you today about the function of a Rolex smart lock. After you hope to understand it, you can bring more convenience to you!


Rolex smart lock twelve functions

1. One card function: Any device with chip such as property card, parking card, mobile phone card, ID card, membership card, bus card, etc., can be unlocked after being authorized.

2. Fingerprint reading function: reading speed, high preparation rate, safe "hand" caress.

3. Remote unlock function: When emergency door open, you can dial the home fixed phone to enter the password to confirm or send a short message to the door lock for remote unlocking.

4. Anti-theft real-time alarm function: When the door is opened improperly, the door lock will beep and notify the owner of the mobile phone and property management system.

5. Not aware of the anti-hijacking alarm function: When the hijacker is forced to open the door, the door lock will send the special door open alarm information to the family's mobile phone or property management system.

6. Automatic identification function for family members: Special passwords or proximity cards can be set for people in need of special attention in the family (such as the elderly, children). Special persons who open the door or return home will receive SMS notifications.

7. Information update function: The dismissal of the nanny or the employee may not need to change the lock, the door lock is set, the original personnel will not be able to open the lock with the original password or proximity card.

8. Fake lock warning function: When accidentally leaving the house, the door is not locked in time. The door lock will remind the owner to lock the door with a buzzer or voice alarm.

9. Optional wireless remote control and voice function: 50 meters within the remote unlock, full Chinese language tips.

10. Anti-peeping password input function: To prevent others from peepsing the unlock password, when the user unlocks the password, you can enter any number as a garbled number in front of the correct unlock password, and then enter the correct password. Press # to confirm normal unlocking.

11. Illegal card or wrong password alarm function: After five consecutive times of sensing an illegal card or entering an incorrect password five times, the door lock emits a sharp alarm sound and automatically locks for one minute (any operation within one minute is invalid);

12. Large storage capacity: 1 main card and 97 subsidiary cards can be stored.

Are you aware of all these functions? After watching it, do you think it's cool? Go and design your own password door lock! It's time to go out without worrying about the thieves coming in. It's safe and has no loopholes. use.

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