Cleaning method for kitchen and bathroom integrated ceiling

The integrated ceiling is a kind of decoration method often used in the modern kitchen and toilet. It can add a lot of points to the whole kitchen and bathroom space. Although the integrated ceiling has excellent decorative performance, if it is not regularly cleaned and maintained during use, It will only give the whole kitchen and bathroom a feeling of filth and uncleanness, especially the integrated ceiling in the kitchen. The long-term smouldering of the fumes will make it even darker. How to clean the integrated ceiling? Here is the simple branch for you. trick.

1. Cleaning of the kitchen integrated ceiling:

Under normal circumstances, the kitchen gussets will choose more roller coating, there are a few brushed, it is also a better process in the roller coating, not many people in order to save money when the film, the former cleaning Because it is in the kitchen, there will be oil stains, then a small amount of detergent can be used, but to have enough water to be mixed, use a softer, more absorbent cloth to wet the water and scrub. It doesn't matter if you can force it, but when it's on the perimeter, it's harder. Pay special attention to the fact that you don't want hard cloth and washing balls. If you scrub, you will leave a lot of small threads on the bright panel and damage the gusset. If it is a roller, if it is a film. Not very good. Another point is that if you use the cheap board, heavy, then be careful, because it has a lot of iron in it, not the aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, so it is more likely to rust after seeing the water. It is. After scrubbing with a soft towel for the first time, scrub it with water for the second time. Open the window and let it dry naturally. If the ventilation is not good, then use a good quality wipe once. .

2. Cleaning of the integrated ceiling of the bathroom:

The integrated ceiling in the bathroom is not as much oil as in the kitchen. It is also convenient and simple to take care of. It is only necessary to scrub with a soft cloth with water. For one month or two, use the kitchen. The way to do it once is fine.

Of course, when maintaining the integrated ceiling over the kitchen, you should not only learn how to clean it, but also pay attention to the indoor ventilation during normal use, to ensure that it is kept dry at all times, so that it will not be prone to bacteria.  


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