China locks property to start internationalized branded property road

   Range effect. It is your production that meets or exceeds the breakeven point, that is, the range of benefits. Because any production is costly, it usually contains fixed costs and can be used. In order to achieve profitability, the sales revenue must be greater than the production cost, and the fixed cost of this is constant, so the more the production, the less the fixed cost allocated to a single product, the more profit.

It is not surprising that the range effect in the hardware market is not surprising. For example, the scope effect of the Pearl River Delta region and the resulting benefits are obvious to all. Dingxin opened up for 30 years because of the scope effect, and made a lot of contributions to the society. The Guangdong hardware industry has grown agile over the past few years, forming tool hardware, daily hardware, motor hardware, stainless steel hardware, abrasives hardware. More complete industry categories, and constitute a number of characteristic property bases, such as Zhongshan Xiaolan locks, Yangjiang cutters. Zhongshan Xiaolan constitutes a property group with locks and gas appliances as the leader, upstream and downstream products and various accessories. The hardware city of Guangdong Hardware City, Guangdong Motor Hardware City and other hardware cities constitute the middle of trade activities, gathering wealth and gathering, has produced a strong range effect, which provides a stubborn backing for Guangdong's rapid growth. Therefore, some large hardware companies should pay more attention to the value brought by the scope effect, which is the only way for the growth of hardware companies.

Gear effect. If big companies don't grow up, they will leave small businesses far behind. The gear effect is also used in the hardware market. Some large enterprises have advantages in terms of capital, money, connections, information, etc. Once they grow up, they will take a big step; while small enterprises are affected by capital such as capital, talents, and information. Limit growth is slow, and even stop. As large companies have become more and more independent of small businesses in the industry, they have gradually become the industry's leading players.

Leading effect. One step ahead, step by step. This effect is also used in the hardware market. In a specific environment, because a particular craft or brand is ahead of other companies in the industry, it will certainly drive the growth of all companies. For example, hardware locks, hardware locks can be used everywhere in the hardware market, branded, unbranded, in short, the fish dragon is turbid, once a hardware lock company has a patented craftsmanship of advanced and found a new Products, along with such new products on the market and outstanding economic benefits, such leading products will certainly drive the overall growth of the hardware lock companies, and give priority to the success of the industry.

Stacking effect. The more companies with good deeds and capital filling, the more banks want to give them the qualifications, which is the accumulation of funds. Under the financial crisis, some large hardware companies have excellent deeds. Once the financial problems are presented, whether it is through the bank or other companies' shareholdings in the city to slow down the current dilemma, it will certainly accumulate funds more easily; some small hardware companies will encounter The funding problem is almost a difficult one.

At present, China is still growing in China, and lock manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The low degree of repeated support is very serious. If you want to grow your lock business, you must start with products, quality and brand. To lay the foundation of cash + strength, with the inevitable capital, we can better open up some high-end products. At the same time, lock companies should increase the layout of dispensing products, market-oriented, find entry points, vigorously carry out scientific and technological research, form their own core crafts and patents, integrate innovation, introduce, digest, receive, and accelerate new products through innovation. Open up efforts. Our industry associations will also adopt some methods to guide key enterprises to develop high-end products such as smart locks, and use key enterprises to drive small and medium-sized enterprises to drive the growth of all industries.

In the face of global growth trends, lock companies should fully demonstrate their own advantages, expand production, and expand the market. Follow the positioning of small products - big market - big industry, take innovation as the entry point, and promote the specialization, scope, and intensive growth, and start a new occasion in the lock market.

In the eyes of most people, the value of the lock is small. General household locks, a few dollars cheaper, expensive but only a few dozen yuan. But from ancient times to today, no family has not locked up. When people’s impression of the lock still stays in the “iron general”, the domestic locks are changing with each passing day, and China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of locks. The annual sales volume of the domestic lock industry is over 40 billion yuan, the production capacity exceeds 2 billion sets, and the annual export volume exceeds 10 billion yuan. In the future, the lock market will continue to increase at a rate of more than 20% per year. Following the trend of global economic integration, China's lock property has begun the road of internationalization and branded property.

The growth of the lock is a testimony to history. During the ancient times, the wise humans knew to wrap the precious items of the ego with the animal skin, tied with ropes outside, and the special opening was marked with a special knot. The knot can only be picked up with a tool called "bone call". The knot and the skeleton are the prototype of the lock and the key. From the padlocks, drawer locks, electrical cabinet locks, bicycle locks of the 1950s, to the anti-theft locks of the 1960s, from the ball locks of the 70s, the locks of the 80s, motorcycle locks, to the ICs and TMs of the 1990s. , RF electronic door locks, and even the highest technology of today's smart door locks, code locks, fingerprint locks, building intercom visual systems, the situation and function of the locks have changed dramatically. According to the taste, China’s annual sales of locks with a sales volume of over 5 million yuan are at the mercy of 1,000.

Anticorrosive Steel Pipe

Anticorrosion pipe is widely used in pipeline engineering fields such as long-distance water transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water source, bridge, steel structure, offshore water transportation piling and so on.

3lpe coated pipe


1. Combine the mechanical strength of steel tube with the corrosion resistance of plastic;

2. The outer wall coating reaches more than 2.5mm, resistant to scratches and scratches;

3. The inner wall friction coefficient is small, 0.0081-0.091, reducing energy consumption;

4. The inner wall meets the national health standards;

5. The inner wall is smooth and not prone to scaling, with self-cleaning function.

TPEP pipeline

Our Services

Pipe End: Plain, beveled, threaded and coupled

Pipe surface: Lightly oiled, Hot dip galvanized, Electro galvanized, Black, Bare, Varnish coating / Anti rust oil, Protective Coatings (Coal Tar Epoxy, Fusion Bond Epoxy, 3-layers PE) or as required


Packaging Details

Plastic caps on both ends, Steel bundle, Woven bag or acc. to customers' request.

Delivery Time

15 days after receiving deposit


Anticorrosive Steel Pipe

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