Advantages and disadvantages of wall coverings and diatom mud

For wall decoration, wall cloth and diatom mud are indispensable wall decoration materials, and diatom mud is a new type of wall coating, and the pattern of wall cloth is rapidly developed. In today's decoration, we do not know how to choose for wall covering and diatom mud, here together to understand what a good wall covering and diatom mud and diatom mud wall covering and the advantages and disadvantages.

First, wall cloth and diatom mud which is good - diatom mud advantages

1, clean the air. Diatom mud not only has a natural and rustic material, but also has the function of regulating air humidity and purifying the air. Its big feature is that it can absorb harmful gases in the air, achieve the function of purifying the air, heat preservation, sound insulation, and deodorization.

2. Diatom mud has the effect of heat preservation in winter and heat insulation in summer. It has good insulation properties and is six times higher than mortar. Also has a fire blocking effect of combustion. Diatom mud itself does not have a melting point melting point, high temperature 1300 degrees. Artistic. Simple and natural, pure natural products, plasticity, handmade.

Second, wall cloth and diatom mud which is good - diatom mud defects

The price of diatom mud is higher than that of ordinary latex paints. Usually it is between three and four hundred square meters. If the investment is too big, the environmental index is high and the maintenance time is long. For color liquids easy to inhale, easy to crack the color and other issues. In addition, the pattern made by diatom mud is relatively single compared to wallpaper, but it is suitable for the design of children's room, which is both environmentally safe and beautiful.

Third, wall cloth and diatom mud which is good - wall covering advantages

1, rich variety, many colors, has a very good decorative effect. The wall cloth's wear resistance and anti-pollution properties are very strong and easy to clean. And the short time for paving can greatly shorten the construction period and save time. Daily use and maintenance are easy, washable and erasable, no other special requirements.

2, wall cloth has anti-crack function. As long as the wall covering is flat and in place, minor cracks do not easily occur. It can play a good role in cracks.

Fourth, wall cloth and diatom mud which is good - Wall Cloth Disadvantages

1. The wall cloth is easily scratched by some sharp things. Especially if there are children at home, it will not be easy to clean it if it is stained. Usually, wall cloths have high humidity requirements on walls and houses. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to get wet and crack.

Summary: The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of wall coverings and diatom mud, which are introduced by Xiao Bian for everyone. The diatom mud and the wall coverings have their own uniqueness. After reading this, you must have already A clear answer! Choosing the right one for you is the best. For more related content, please pay attention to this site!

Wall cloth and diatom mud which is good

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