Reasons for yellowing of wheat leaves and preventive measures

Wheat is the main food crop planted by farmers. In recent years, the yellowing of wheat leaves has occurred to varying degrees almost every year, which seriously affects the yield of wheat. In order to ensure a bumper harvest of wheat in this area, the reasons f

Bearing layout

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The difference between decorating ash wood, ash and ash

During the renovation, friends want to better choose the wood material, then we must know the difference between this ash and ash, for the difference between this ash and ash, many friends often put them two If you are confused, then the diffe

Work desk desk purchase skills workstation desk purchase considerations

The desk is the office furniture that every office worker uses every day. Its quality and comfort directly affect the work efficiency of the office workers, so the office workers hope to have a comfortable desk to enjoy the work. However, when I chose to find a lot of desk typ

"True" mind reading artificial intelligence can identify emotions

According to Mai Musi dynamic technology consulting reports, the Tokyo-based company of the CAC since February 1, 2018 began to provide a video analysis products: "Heart Sensor" (Ver.1.0), which uses artificial intelligence (AI) based on The emotion recogn