Research on Laser Welding Process of Automotive Aluminum Filter

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental pollution reduction are the pressing issues faced by various countries in the world. To solve this problem, various light alloys (such as aluminum and magnesium alloys) are increasin

Study on Selection of Insulation Materials for Small Diameter Pipes

Science and Technology and Engineering Power Technology Research on Selection of Small Diameter Pipe Insulation Materials Zhou Meng Luo Zhuoyingæ—· Jin Yuhe Li Hu (School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650224, China) Accordin

Tiangu Hotel smart lock - Tiangu Hotel smart lock how to

Smart locks were first used in hotels, apartments, and other commercial industries. The popularity of hotel smart locks has solved many problems in hotel management, and has also improved the goodwill of hotel consumers. Here we use Tiangu TG8007A-SS smart lock as

The use of natural plant extract Litsea cubeba oil

Introduction: Litsea cubeba oil is a volatile aromatic oil extracted from the peel of Litsea cubeba L. It is a pale yellow to yellow clear liquid, and its main component is citral.

Study on Cutting Characteristics of PM2.5 Cutter

â–¡ Chen Zhonghui Zhang Wenge Huang Xingliang Liu Wei Liu Junjie The PM2.5 measurement process is divided into the collection of particulate matter and the weighing of the membrane. The collection of particulate matter requires the use of aerodynamic principles to separate PM2.5 from

The difference between the middle water stop bolt and the pass water stop bolt

The characteristics of the waterstop bolt in the teeth in the teeth seal teeth in the use of teeth, not easy to slip, the fastening effect is very good, by experienced woodworking masters and bosses of all ages. Because the watertight bolt of the middle tooth overcomes the slippery phenomenon c

Kaidi Shi smart lock seven technologies, open smart life

Kaadas focuses on the field of high-end smart locks. It is a full-scale industrial chain company integrating product development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales services. The Cadiz brand was born in Germany, a world renowned for its rigorous and

How to distinguish fingerprint lock material?

In everyday life, door locks are the defenders of people's lives and they are also the guarantee for the safety of homes. Therefore, how to choose smart locks is also a knowledge. However, in the smart lock selection, many consumers do not know what the smart l