The development of fingerprint lock is still continuing

Fingerprint lock is a high-tech product. It is difficult for any company to quickly become bigger and stronger. To enter the market with unlimited fingerprint locks, close cooperation between lock manufacturers and suppliers of fingerprint identification technology

Huarun paint prices How much quality Huarun paint is good

As a decorative material used in our home, paint, its choice is very important. A good quality product can keep us from the harmful effects of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and can make our living environment more healthy and green. There are many brands on the market today, of w

Control of dimensional accuracy before thread plating

Many rod end joint bearing products are threaded, and most of their surfaces are coated with anti-corrosion and decoration. How to ensure the thread size after plating is a difficult problem in the production process. In the long-term production practice, I have mastered some experience in the

How to choose a smart door lock that you really need

The current smart home market is a start-up market. Therefore, it is normal for some improvised emperor new clothes products to be counterfeited and counterfeit. In order to enable consumers to better understand the smart locks and choose smart locks that suit them

Three-phase asynchronous motor speed control mode

The speed regulation characteristic of the three-phase asynchronous motor is used in the case of fans, or the three-phase asynchronous motor with high slip rate has various speed regulation modes, mainly adopting variable pole speed regulation, variable slip speed regulatio