New head-mounted device helps increase sleep time by 32% [Full Text]

Technology startup Rythm has launched a head-mounted device called Drem that has been personally engineered by renowned Swiss designer Yves Béhar to improve your sleep quality. This seemingly stylish device uses bone conduction to send white noise to help you fal

The difference between aluminum bar and aluminum veneer

Introduction: Aluminium strips are made from aluminium alloy plates. Aluminium strips are classified and available in a variety of sizes, including H type plug-in type, C type, G type, B type, R type high spell, S type low spell and patented product arc s

Smart lock of these real-life scene applications, you know?

Smart door locks open the entrance to the "future of life." A price of one or two thousand yuan can bring great convenience to life. With a smart lock, you can realize the following types of real life!

Smart lock real life scene application

How to clean air filter? Air conditioning filter cleaning attention!

When summer arrived, the weather became hotter and the air-conditioning became one of the appliances that had to be opened in the home. When I go to work every day, many people return home and the first thing is to turn on the air conditioner, and then squat on the sofa, heat up and play w

Research and development of anti-shedding and variable-type locknut

-), male, Hebei Jingxian people, engineers, engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment management.

With the development of fully mechanized mining equipment to heavy-duty and high-power, the requirements for fasteners are getting higher and higher, especially the scraper nut ant

What is the support for joining the purple smart door locks?

According to the analysis of the data of, there are still many friends who are currently consulting smart locks, and most of them are intentional franchisees, hoping to join a brand. As a well-known Chinese company, the company is also one of many to con

Silent diesel generator fumes see color failure

The silent diesel generator is just like the human body. When the diesel engine is working normally, if the diesel generator malfunctions, the emitted smoke is not the same as usual. The exhaust gas that is normally discharged is almost colorless and transparent. When it is not working proper