Understand the principle of the mine camera

Coal Mine Camera Model: ZHS1800
Brief Description: Explosion-proof through coal mines and chemical industry, can be used in chemical and coal mine hazardous places, using intrinsically safe power supply box, the use of more than 5 hours, the camera light weight, easy to carry,

Camera lens working principle and classification

The role of the camera lens is called optical imaging. Optical parts of various shapes and different media are combined in a certain way, so that after the light is transmitted or reflected by the optical parts, the light is transmitted according to the needs of the people, and the receiving de

What are the top ten brand names in China?

Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding the quality of the dress on the ground. At the same time, they are increasingly concerned about the influence of the brand. Therefore, many people tend to look for famous brands of flooring to decorate their homes when they are decorating. Actual

How about Weihuang Holiday Forest Wujinmu Furniture?

Weihuang Furniture News Express Holiday Forest Wujinmu Furniture Brand has been established for more than ten years, and the influence and value space of the brand market has been continuously improved. Holiday Forest Wujinmu Furniture is a ser

Advance: Wujinmu furniture maintenance cleaning method

Forward Furniture News News Wujinmu furniture is made of Wujinmu into furniture, plus soft parts. The advantage of this kind of Wujinmu furniture is that it not only shows the natural and beautiful texture of the furniture, but also adds the co

Stainless steel security door how to buy stainless steel security door

The safety issue in the living room has always been the main concern of the public. Therefore, most homeowners will add a stainless steel security door to their homes for security at home. Such doors quickly occupy the market, so stainless steel security doors how is it? W