Learn to earn a small living room TV wall decoration considerations

People are not only concerned about practicality, but also have higher requirements for aesthetics. Although the time for people to watch TV has become less, the weight of television at home is still very heavy. The decoration of the TV backdrop is also very demanding. To decorate a beauti

Thoracic and lumbar burst fracture AF pedicle screw fixation

Or undamaged, measuring double eyeball or monocular protrusion >14mm or difference of two eyeball protrusions>2imnc 1.3 treatment method control group with oxazol and thyroxine treatment, treatment group in addition to the above treatment, plus white flower Hedyotis (dry) 60g / d Jianshui

What is the pressure pipeline welding process

Pressure piping refers to all pipes that are subjected to internal pressure or external pressure, regardless of the medium in their pipes. The pressure pipeline is a part of the pipeline, which is used to transport, distribute, mix, separate, discharge, meter, control, and stop the fluid f

Moral Thinking of Ditch Oil

Ditch oil (squat oil), the oil extracted from the leftover food. According to the regulations of relevant departments, the waste oil in the waste oil can be recycled and recycled for environmental protection. One is processing "butter" which is widely used in lubrication of machinery