European stone care technology, worth learning!

The technology of stone industry and stone care industry in Europe is still in the leading position in the world. Studying their technology and development direction has important implications for China&#

How to remove black scale from kitchen tiles?

The tools for this trick are simple, clean brushes, toothpaste, and ordinary candles.

First squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste on the brush and then directly brush the seams of the tile. The amount of toothpaste can be determined according to the actual situ

Application of Yudian AI-526 Thermostat in Cable Extruder

The extrusion molding process is the molding processing method in the field of polymer processing with the largest variety, the most change, the high productivity, the adaptability, the wide application, and the largest proportion of the output. This paper is based on the p

Automatic car rules and fuel-saving skills

The so-called automatic transmission, as the name suggests, does not require the driver to manually shift gears, the vehicle will automatically select the appropriate gear according to the speed of travel and traffic conditions. The so-called automatic transmission, as the

China Plastics Network talks about bioplastics to add color to packaging

Now, with the improvement of people's environmental awareness, manufacturers are seeing opportunities for biodegradable plastics in the packaging market. Many well-known international manufacturers have entered the market in the form of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. In vi


The two blades of the disc shear are made into a disc shape for shearing of the steel plate and the edge of the strip; when the steel sheet or strip is longitudinally cut into narrow strips, a plurality of pairs of blades are used. Disc shears are generally placed on steel

Sand casting

The mold used for sand casting is generally composed of an outer sand type and a core. In order to improve the surface quality of the casting, a layer of paint is often applied to the sand and core surfaces. The main components of the coating are powdery materials and binde

What are the particularities of placing feng shui in an aquarium?

In modern home improvement, many people raise fish. Aquariums are glassware used to raise tropical fish or goldfish. They have a certain ornamental effect. Many people will place aquariums when decorating their homes, and what are the feng shui of aquariums ? The following