Yellow River whirlwind: Announcement on the use of raised funds

Abstract Important content: Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) intends to use the raised funds of up to 400 million yuan to purchase bank-guaranteed wealth management products. The

Fire pump start and stop pump steps

[Asia Fluid Network News] fire pump according to different occasions, it is also different types. Commonly used fire pumps are more commonly used: fire hydrant pump, fire pump, fire booster pump, fire sprinkler pump. Although the fire pump types, but the fire pump start-stop pump operation ste

The development direction of switching power supply

Switching power supply products are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communication equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor

Knowledge of building materials knowledge

For decorating friends, it is very necessary to understand the knowledge of decorating building materials . Nowadays people have higher and higher requirements for paint, but many consumers do not systematically understand the information of paint, so we must learn some re

Jinzhi cabinets do subtraction to create brand professionalism

Since the establishment of Jinzhi cabinets for more than ten years, the production line has not been reduced, professionally produced lacquered solid wood, and the rare development of subtraction has made Jinzhi cabinets the most sta

Struggling from the furniture store

In the years when solid wood furniture was popular, hypermarkets were also involved in this wave, and the category structure of shopping malls has undergone tremendous changes. Obviously, the territory of the panel furniture brand has been encroached by the solid wood

Several problems in the design of slurry pump

The hydraulic design and structural design considerations are as follows:

a. Wear and hydraulic performance problems: In order to reduce wear, the flow rate of the rotating parts and fluid should be kept low enough, and the thickness of the pump body carbide li

Graphene can be used as bulletproof material

Ten years ago, the world’s thinnest and strongest material, graphene, was isolated for the first time and hundreds of experiments were performed on it, including batteries, night-vision goggles, medical scanning equipment, light detectors, and

Henan Huifeng company employees all day mourning

Abstract At noon on December 13, the company's national flag and the company's flag were lowered by half. All the employees of the company gathered in the company's square to observe the company's public ceremony. Bef