How to apply base fertilizer in apple trees in autumn

Autumn is a critical period for the late field management of the apple orchard. According to the experienced fruit farmers, after the fruit is harvested, the effect of applying the base fertilizer to the apple tree is quite good. Fertilizers with the same quantity and quality can increase

Home decoration materials purchase seven methods

Nowadays, in order to save money, many homebuyers also want to express themselves and their individuality. When decorating a house, they often choose the “clearing the packager” scheme, that i

Quenching and decarburization analysis of high speed tool steel salt bath

For various reasons, the decarburization of the workpiece during the quenching of the salt bath is inevitable. If the decarburization layer is relatively thin, the subsequent grinding process can be completely removed without any problem; if the decarburization layer cannot be ground, it wi