Chandelier purchase tips

For some families, the table may be long due to the reason of the purchase, so you can consider decorating with a few small chandeliers. Each chandelier should have a switch so you can open smaller or lar

Home Appliances Power Saving Tips

When it comes to winter, does it feel that the meter is going fast? It doesn't matter, electricity is saved. Of course, you also need skills. For example, turning down the volume of the TV, regularly

Application range of EL cold light film

1. Backlight electronics industry:

Computer and computer spare parts, mobile phones and mobile phone spare parts, household appliances, LCD projectors, etc., apply EL cold light film to its produc

Top ten fabric brands

1. Molik (Molyk Home Fabric Co., Ltd., the first brand of Chinese fabric)

2, Mercure Le Major (top ten brands of curtain fabrics, Guangdong Nanhai Meiju Lejia Textile Co., Ltd.)

3, Zhida h

Rebar prices continue downward trend

Rebar prices continue downward trend First, the market review:

Zhou K line shows that the main thread contract RB1305 closed small Yang Xian. This week's opening price is 3631,

The report said that China's economy will enter a period of rapid growth

Liu Yuanchun, deputy director of the Institute of Economics of Renmin University of China, believes that in 2012, China's macro economy has seen two new phenomena in the fall. First, the GDP growth rate fell below 8% for two consecutive quarters, but there was no large-scale unemployment. S

LED energy-saving lamp introduction

Reflective self-ballasted LED lights (using COB modules) LED energy-saving lamps are a new generation of illumination sources after compact fluorescent lamps (ie, ordinary energy-saving lamps). Compared w