Wallpaper to create a "Graffiti Zone" for the whole family

The pleasure that graffiti brings to people as a kind of improvisation and freedom is incomparable. Therefore, children always imagine their own walls as drawing paper; adults also have the urge to brush their ink on the walls, but the impulse is always subject to reality. limits. Why not

How to choose the ceiling keel correctly

Keel is an indispensable part of the ceiling decoration, including wood keel and light steel keel. Nowadays, the majority of home decoration use light steel keels that are not easily deformed and have fireproof performance. Building material experts remind consumers that the thickness of light

Hanging a good curtain for the Chinese New Year

Some people likened the curtains to human faces. They said that different curtains can create different “faces” and naturally have different lives. Perhaps this metaphor is not accurate, but it truly expresses the status and importance of curtains. Indeed, as an important part of fu

Home improvement glasses become the new favorite

Glass is a trivial material. With the application of new technologies and new designs, glass with its unique crystal clearness and easy plasticity carries infinite imagination. Using modern craftsmanship and design, glass brings practicality and Artistic perfect combination, is widely used in

The old man room home decoration needs to pay attention to the link

The design must be careful, with safety and convenience as the most important; use special materials for decoration materials, pay attention to anti-skid. These are the points that need attention in the decoration of the elderly room. In addition, in the use of color in the elderly, in addition

Why is the budget of the decoration company not allowed to take away?

(1) The calculation of the project volume in the budget is not correct. Generally, it is calculated by the customer, such as floor area, wall area, baseboard length, vertex line length, paint volume, door and window cover calculation, etc.
(2) The budget of its own labor, auxiliary mate

Dairy feed has "taboo"

1. Fishmeal: Fishmeal should not be fed to dairy animals. Because of the fishy smell, this fishy smell can enter milk goat milk, affecting people's taste, not easy to sell, and economic loss. jB7 China Feed Industry In

Five reasons that affect the quality of aluminum

[China Aluminum Industry Network] industry insiders believe that aluminum alloy profiles are mainly caused by unqualified, the main problems are shown in the following areas:
1, cut corners. In order to achieve the goal of reducing production costs, manufacturers cut corners in the pro

Chen Gong discusses the decoration of the decoration budget

Usually, the decoration company will provide you with a budget book, and the budget book will show the budget price of the decoration company. The budget price is composed of three parts: material fees, labor costs, and management fees. The management fees include more content, including variou

Budget and price--how to determine the decoration budget

The decoration budget and price are the new problems encountered by most owners because it is impossible for anyone to buy a house year after year and decorate it year after year. Even if people come, the market will change rapidly, and the experience two or three years a