Detailed fabric sofa care

1. Vacuum at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust from the fabric.
2. If the mat can be used for conversion, it should be turned once a week to evenly distribute the wear.
3, if stained with stains, use a clean rag to wipe with water, in order to not lea

Wood floor local maintenance related knowledge

Part of the wooden floor inadvertently contaminated with stains should be promptly removed. If there is oil, use a rag, warm water and a small amount of detergent to scrub. If the drug or pigment, it must be removed before the end of the stain, such as the surface of the wood.

There are several kinds of cork flooring in the market

At present, there are three main types of cork flooring sold in the building materials market. Their characteristics vary.

The first type is a pure cork floor, with a thickness of 4 to 5 mm. If you look at only a small piece, it looks like a moisture-proof mat. It looks very rough

Composite floor to buy common sense

A look: high-quality composite floor with a smooth surface, gorgeous natural color, balance layer thickness on the back of moisture; poor quality composite floor surface rough, dull and dull color, the back of moisture balance thin layer.

Listening: High-quality laminate flooring i

What is a plastic surface wallpaper?

Xiao Bian explained here, what is a plastic surface wallpaper, or PVC material wallpaper mean?
In fact, PVC material wallpaper is what we need to understand the plastic surface wallpaper, followed by paper-based and non-woven base, foaming and printing two categories.

Five principles for choosing lamps

The principle of simplicity

Lighting in the room should be the finishing touch. Overly complex shapes and overly complex designs are not suitable for designing simple rooms.

Convenience principle

When choosing a lamp, be sure to consider the convenience of replacing

Never blindly renovate the old floor in your home

As second-hand housing continues to heat up, second-hand housing renovation has become a hot spot, and renovations such as renovation of the floor and renovation of stone materials have also started. Because the renovation of the floor is cheap, many second-hand homeowners plan to complete

Small size bedroom does not overcrowded space zoom

Small size has become a trend for modern people to buy a house. However, there is not enough space for you to play. Each square has to be carefully planned before it can be finalized. This is especially true in a bedroom where the space itself is not large. Having

Buy wallpaper notes detailed

The new round of renovation has entered a climax, and with the improvement of the quality of life, wallpaper is a symbol of high-end homes. And now the wallpaper on the market is also wide variety, quality varies greatly, consumers do not know how many brands of wallpaper in the end, even the d

How to maintain the winter floor and wooden furniture

After the cold winter season, the temperature suddenly drops and the dry climate of the home will follow. How to maintain the floor and wooden furniture in winter in a dry home? How does the room air moisturize? Don't worry, Xiaobian gives you tricks.

Temperature cannot exc

How to buy wooden floor decoration manual!

One, seeing

Observe whether the substrate is of high density, medium density, or low density; whether the color is normal, whether the wood surface particles are fine or not, the wood surface particles are fine like a gray surface, and the substrate is washed; whether