Classification and purchase of cork flooring

Cork flooring is known as "pyramid tip consumption of floors." Cork is an oak tree that grows on the Mediterranean coast. The raw material of cork products is the bark of oak, which is more environmentally friendly and soundproof than solid wood flooring. The moisture-proof effect is

8 mm, 12 mm floor, how to choose the thickness?

Silenced a summer flooring industry in the hot day of the National Day Golden Holiday can not wait to stir up, the floor industry for 8mm, 12mm in an industry-wide controversy, triggering more media thinking: "12mm floor is purely commercial hype. "A lot of media broke the news:

Home decoration floor color selection source

Under normal circumstances, if the room is large and the lighting is sufficient, a darker, thicker texture wood floor should be selected to make the relatively large room relatively compact. On the other hand, the room with a small area can use light colors and textures. The wooden floor gives

How to maintain the solid wood floor?

1, anti-fouling: solid wood flooring in the maintenance, we must pay attention to keep the floor dry, clean, in case of ash or dirty, you can use 90% dry dry cloth. Every two or three months, you can make a floor wax on the floor.
2. Lacquer: After using for three or five years, the sam

Bamboo flooring is not easy to pests, moldy?

Bamboo is rich in nutrients such as sugar, starch, amino acids and proteins, and it easily attracts insects and mildew. Bamboo flooring has been fully considered this characteristic of bamboo.
First of all, consider that the greater the age of bamboo, the less nutrients it contains,

Buy the floor to guard against the six traps of bad traders

Right now, laying floors has become something that urban families have become accustomed to. However, one inattentive to the consumption trap is also really annoying. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Feng Anxiang, secretary general of the Liaoning Provincial Consumers Association.

How to choose wooden floor bedroom

There are many wood species and specifications on the wooden floor, and the hue is more selective, but the construction is more complicated.

Corrosion resistance, deformation resistance and durability are not as good as composite wood flooring. Composite wood flooring has the advan

How to buy wallpapers

Classification of wallpaper

Wallpapers can be divided into natural wallpapers and fabric wallpapers. The natural wallpapers are made of natural materials such as sisal, canola, canola, cassia and bamboo. They have a strong rural atmosphere and a strong three-dimensional effect. The

There are five taboos in solid wood flooring

According to relevant department statistics, there are problems in the actual use of solid wood flooring, more than 50% is due to improper laying, and only 5% belongs to the quality of the floor itself. It can be seen that whether the laying process is reasonable or not is the most important fa

How to choose floor color correctly

Laying flooring in the home, if you use a dark, large pattern with a sense of intimacy; light, small patterns can make the room spacious; with mahogany decorative floor, you can get a warm and peaceful feeling; deep red decoration can bring out the luxury, solemn Atmosphere; white maple hi

What should pay attention to the decoration of the kitchen?

1. Countertops: Fireproof and waterproof materials should be used to make countertops. If you do cabinets, it is best to use finished products. The height of the countertop should be determined on the basis of the height of the person who cooks at home most often. The height of the operator'