Fashionistas must know the floor trends

"80s" ushered in the peak period of marriage to buy a house, as people's sensitivity to fashion and popularity increased, the floor has become the carrier and stage of the entire home design. How can I buy a stylish and affordable floor?
First, the 08 floor fashi

Many types of solid wood flooring teach you to choose a good method

There are a wide variety of wood floorings available for tree selection, which can be simply divided into light-colored materials and dark-colored materials. Light-colored materials are bright and uniform, but due to the short formation time of wood, the coefficient of expansion is relativ

How to understand the film adhesion?

Here, Xiaobian explains to you the meaning of the film adhesion. What is the adhesion of the film?
If the two floors collide with each other, the floor will be sagged. If the paint does not sink like the floor, it proves that the paint adhesion of this floor is very good. In the process

How to distinguish floor formaldehyde content

Of course, the lower the formaldehyde content, the better. No better. However, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content on the basis of the original equipment, only one method is to reduce the amount of glue, so some manufacturers in the second test report only detected the formaldehyde

Bathroom paste wallpaper five methods

Many people use wallpaper as a decoration element in order to decorate a stylish bathroom. However, there are five principles that need to be mastered in wallpaper paste, but the effect and use will be affected.

1. When the base layer is treated to treat the surface of the base layer, the b

Wallpaper looks good but also choose

Here are some of the suggestions given here: First, the choice of wallpaper should take into account the area of ​​the living room, the spatial scale, the orientation of the room, environmental protection and other issues. In principle, wallpapers are suitable for posting in any r

How to Paved the Wall with Wallpaper - Optional

The decoration of the wall surface is a very common place. In general, the wall surface can be decorated with wallpaper, wall bricks, wall coverings and other materials.
Indoor wall decoration can protect the wall, make the interior beautiful and comfortable, and also can adjust the relati

How to choose the right curtain

Curtains are essential home furnishings, a warm and romantic living environment, inextricably linked with the curtains, want to choose a curtain for the home to add color, but need to consider many aspects.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in the purchase, due to the manufacturer on the material (referring to raw materials) process (refers to the advanced level of production equipment), the impact on product quality is very large. Strengthen the floor has unparalleled advantages of solid wood flooring: If it is

Classification of wooden floor

Solid wood flooring is a natural material with irreplaceable advantages of synthetic materials, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable foot feel, cool in winter and cool in summer. However, it also has the disadvantages of large consumption of hardwood resources, large installation and installati

Four major mistakes in buying wooden flooring

Misunderstanding 1: The longer and wider the floor, the better

Case: Ms. Wang purchases wood floors and specializes in long and wide styles. She believes that the longer and wider the wooden floor, the more magnificent it is.

Expert analysis: The wooden floor that is too long and to