Effect of AL-Mg-Si on 6063 Aluminum Alloy

[China Aluminum Network] 6063 aluminum alloy is a heat-strengthened alloy with moderate strength in the AL-Mg-Si series. The summary of industrial aluminum profiles is that Mg and Si are the main alloying elements. The main work of the preferred chemical composition is to determine Mg and S

Stainless steel manual valve advantages introduced

Stainless steel manual ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valve, which has its own unique structure of some advantages, such as friction switch, the seal is not easy to wear, opening and closing torque is small. This will reduce the size of the actuator fitted. With multi-turn electric

Correctly buy laminate flooring must look at environmental protection index

Laminate flooring is a wood-derived material. Its structure resembles a sandwich and is divided into four layers: a wear layer, a decorative layer, a substrate layer, and a moisture barrier layer. The wear-resistant layer is the most transparent layer of the surface, the raw material of th

How to choose the ground material according to the area to determine

For the ideal home, everyone has their own set of ideas, and communication between the designer and the owner can not be ignored. First of all, to make some preliminary understanding on the selection of construction materials, it is helpful to the division and selection of indoor areas and func

How to prevent leakage of bathroom to prevent sticking to the corner

Many families in the renovation of the bathroom, the original bathroom tiles should be destroyed, laying new tiles. As a result of this, it is necessary to do a waterproof project on the bathroom wall. If there is a quality problem in the waterproofing project, water stains will hit the ne

Hemp fiber and its application

1 Hemp fiber 1.1 Definition and classification of hemp (1)
The Xinhua Dictionary is defined as follows: herbaceous plants, many types, such as hemp, ramie, flax, and nettle. The bark fiber is also

The advantages and disadvantages of various types of valves

1, gate valve: gate valve is closed (gate) along the vertical axis of the channel to move the valve, mainly in the pipeline as a cut-off media, that is, fully open or fully closed use. In general, the gate valve can not be used as regulating flow. It can be applied to low temperature pressure c

Composite floor classification and selection criteria

Classification of a composite floor

There are two main types of composite flooring on the market today: one is solid wood composite flooring; the other is reinforced laminate flooring. These two types of laminate floorings have different characteristics and require