Experts give tricks: identify ceramic wall tiles 5 magic weapon

With the development of the housing industry, the decoration industry has also come to an upsurge. Going to the home store will see more people than ever before, and then to the consumers, our experts here to provide you with a few programs to identify tiles:
(1) The distributor shall ask

Daily improvement of wood floor maintenance points

1. Always keep the indoor air flowing after the floor has been laid.

2. Overweight items should be placed in a stable manner. Furniture and heavy objects cannot be pushed or pulled hard to avoid scratching the surface of the wear layer.

3, can not use a weapon to scrape, dra

The purchase of vitrified tiles

(1) Collect more relevant information through various channels at ordinary times.
(2) Visit the market in person. This is a must because it can provide a more intuitive understanding of the product's performance price.

Personal advice as much as possible to choose some well-kn

Machines make gloves, farmers earn 500,000 a year

In Majia Village, Jiaoxi Town, the land is no longer the main business, and the villagers produce labor insurance gloves to increase their income during the slack season. Now they have become almost the main business. In 2000, a glove machine was introduced from

ISO Fastener Standard (2011 new issue)

ISO technical committees for fasteners are divided into two groups: TC1-fastener threads and TC2-fasteners. TC2 is divided into 5 sub-committees, namely TC2/SC7-reference standard, TC2/SC11-metric external thread fastener, TC2/SC12-metric internal thread fastener, TC2/SC

The latest development and application of laser rapid prototyping technology

Laser Rapid Prototyping (LRP) is a new manufacturing technology that integrates advanced technologies such as CAD, CAM, CNC, laser, precision servo drive and new materials. Compared with the traditional manufacturing method, the prototype has high reproducibility and interchangeability; the man