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Project Code: Project Name: Home Interior Decoration Serial Number Item Name Unit Price Unit Material and Process Description A Wall Decoration Project
Nippon (Shili Li)
Square meter

Improve fertilization method to improve fertilizer utilization rate

At present, the application of chemical fertilizers is more and more, but the output has not seen much growth. The main reason is that the fertilization method is not appropriate, and the following measures should be taken for this purpose.
According to the production target, the bala

Epoxy resin raw materials turn better

Last week, in the upstream raw materials, epichlorohydrin prices rose again, in an attempt to drive the downstream market. Epoxy resin manufacturers were affected by this, and most of them actively followed up, but the purchase of raw materials from the upstre

Bathroom distributors how to spend the cold winter

Last year's building materials, bathroom hardware market was hot and cold and most of the time in the cold period, bathroom hardware market slump, sanitary home stores and manufacturers of difficulties for all to see. What is the status of the sanitary war

Security companies how to achieve industrial development

In recent years, the security industry in which we are located has undergone major changes, including full exploration, competition, integration, and innovation in technology, talent, ideas, capital, and business models. In terms of technology, we emphasize di

Floor selection requires careful appearance and price difference

Many tree species have similar textures and appearances, but the prices are quite different. For example, beech wood produced in southwestern China, American oak, domestic green wood and imported beech, etc., need to be carefully selected.

Inadvertent loss of wealth: decoration loss

Faster pace of life, for home decoration, more friends have to choose to decorate the company or individual contractors, after the renovation, do you think the budget is not enough? Then your decoration may be short of decoration.
The shortfall is the budget overrun. Before the renovation,