The biggest challenge for non-ferrous metals in 2012 is overcapacity

The high level of overnight deposits of the European Central Bank shows that the liquidity in the market has not eased. Although the short-term Treasury bonds in Italy have been successfully auctioned, investors are still worried about whether the long-term Tr

Roots pump usage and characteristics

LC Roots pump consists of the pump body, pump cover, shaft, gear, rotor, packing, gland and other components, the Roots pump belt drive and gear reducer drive in two forms, can reverse the role of both ends of the shaft equipped with Skeleton oil seal, the middle with a return device to prevent

Aluminum profile companies do not enter the brand misunderstanding

[China Aluminum Industry Network] With the further implementation of the “restricted purchase order” of real estate, in 2011, the decorative building materials industry encountered an unprecedented cold winter. Some aluminum extrusion companies have been in deep trouble, but tho

Polypeptide advantage

Water-soluble polymer materials such as polyacrylic acid, polyaspartic acid, and poly-γ-glutamic acid have superior properties, are non-toxic, non-polluting, and easily degradable. As a fertilizer synergist, they can fully utilize the characteristics of the biodegradable absorption enhan

Eight characteristics of fire hazards

Firefighting work is a very social work. Fire hazards threaten the development of our economy and the safety of people's lives and property at any time and place. "Hidden dangers are in the fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibili

Analysis of Japan's Bearing Industry Market Competitiveness

The development of the bearing industry is changing with each passing day, and the pressure of competition has also increased. How to make the domestic bearing industry continue to develop in the fierce market competition, improve product quality, open up new